Why humans choose to create suffering with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 122 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

March 28th, 2018

Beloved Soul Family,

Here’s what Spirit just shared through my channelled writing connected with a Soul Conversation I had today with one of my clients: Enjoy!

Why humans choose to create suffering:

Humans who are not fear-based/fear-focused do Not have any “need” to express domination.

When you express an idea with a need to dominate, that simply means in that moment you have forgotten that you have Inner Power.

Therefore you are now seeking to control “other” in your external reality rather than “choosing” to Realign with your inner power.

When one really is aligned within there is no need to seek power externally. No need to control “Other.”

If you feel you must dominate, you’re really saying that you are temporarily Feeling powerless and fearful.

Therefore you are now believing there is no other way to “create” that which you desire, unless you attempt to control your external reality or the “other’s” external reality so you feel forcing them or dominating them will make You feel safe.

This is a distortion and one that will cause self and possibly another suffering–if “other” chooses to participate in your distortion.

Therefore a human who hasn’t yet remembered to access their Inner Alignment tools in order to get in touch with their own self-empowerment will feel powerless.

When a human loses Inner Alignment and feels that Feeling of powerlessness it often scares them and they may be so in denial; because this terrifies them to even look within and recognize what is happening within Self.

This hurting human will then choose to push down these feelings quickly from fear as a distraction, and they will then choose to focus on External reality, “other” and seek to control and dominate what is outside of them rather than choosing to focus on what is going on within the Self. Which ironically is the only true place this human holds any power.

Humans who have pinched themselves off temporarily from the Source of Inner Power and Alignment will attempt again and again to project their loss of power outwardly on others in an attempt to control what is outside of the Self.

Humans who are in denial that they even have fearful thoughts flowing unconsciously as they seek to control others are also in denial that they are in denial.

These humans hold themselves in Vibrational prison, as well as other unconscious humans who choose to participate and co-create with their distortion.

This is what fearful misaligned humans do and it will never serve them in accessing their true power within. Until each individual chooses to Realign with their Inner Power and to stop seeking external power over others, this external reality will appear with distortion and suffering. Every human has free will and must make these important choices for self empowerment. Every human who chooses to Realign IS Powerfully Supporting a new Earth vision and Alignment.

Namaste, Tawnya Love ✨🙏✨

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