Evolving with Purpose with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 128 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

With Tawnya Love

May 5th, 2018

Greetings Beloved Soul Family,

I recently was informed that one of my grandmothers just passed on into the light. I hadn’t heard from her in several years. I adored this woman as a child and most of my adult life. When I was going through my divorce of 20 years in 2012, I had gone to visit her and many of my family. I knew I was going for support during a difficult time. However, when I was there I was shamed, not seen, and gossiped about. It was Incredibly painful for me during that time, however I knew it was happening for a reason (I always trust all is occurring for a Divine reason).

So I confronted my grandmother, someone I had observed gossiping about just about everyone in our family. However, I had never witnessed her doing that towards me. When I confronted her she got incredibly angry and pointed her finger right in front of my face, scolding me and shaming me. I was a grown woman she was a grown woman, and here she was scolding and shaming me like I was a little helpless child.

This was not our most joyous day but I stayed present with its purpose. I went into my room and wrote her a heartfelt letter explaining the pain that her gossip causes so many of the family members that loved her… How it was not a Loving choice to behave that way and that it had popped my sacred grandma-bubble of safety.

I shared another perspective in which she could help those family members, rather than shaming them. That she could show authentic Love rather than simply controlling family. Let’s just say she didn’t like that mirror that I was offering her to look into.

After that day I returned home and left my ex-husband on my own. Not one family member reached out to offer Love or support. In fact, I would hear from my children that my grandma was calling my ex, wishing him a happy birthday while cutting me out of her life altogether. No more birthday cards for me the truth teller, no more Loving calls.

I share this backstory only so that you can fully understand the Miracles that have occurred in my own life since making those choices to drop the ancestral karma and attachments in 2012. You see, I now clearly understand that these choices were made for a higher purpose. My soul is destined for Expansion, Alignment and Union with Source Oneness. My soul was no longer able to remain in a survival mode while attaching to ancestral karma and drama. The time had been presented for my choice of Liberation & Expansion and I claimed it.

Was I afraid back then…? Absolutely! Am I afraid now? Not at all. You see, we must have the courage to set off into the unknown if True Union is our desire; If we desire a life of thriving rather than painful surviving. I believe that I have come here to Transform & Thrive. I have also come here to share this wisdom transparently and truthfully with all who are open and receptive. I did Not come here to be attached, to be controlled, to be abused or shamed for being me.

Important choices were offered to me in 2012 (and they continue to arrive every day) And I chose to move boldly into the unknown, filled with Hope, Love, and Faith that this Source Oneness which I was aware of within myself would handle it all Beautifully…And I have and continue to. You see I Know, I Remembered, my Sacred Divinity and I activated my Inner Genetics to begin offering Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions. I didn’t attend any workshop or read anyone’s book. I remembered and I chose to Activate, I chose to clear and release the karma, I chose to BE All I knew I was. It was a choice I activated within myself.

So many of us are still operating with out-dated software while hoping for new experiences. I tell you, you cannot create New Brilliance and Magic while clinging to your old software and programs. This is why I am here on Planet Earth. To Support each of you who are ready to answer the call. To help you remember who you truly are, to support you in becoming who you are Destined to BE.

Can you accomplish everything that I have on your own? Absolutely, because I did and continue to. I directly connect with the Source I AM One with at all times. However, are you doing that? Are you going beyond your old-held programs on your own? If not, that is why souls like mine have Chosen to be here to support and inspire inner shifts. To Support with karmic clearings, to support with inner DNA Activation’s & Connections, to Realign, Rewire, and Light You up from within. If you see life from a higher vantage point this work is THE Most Important Work of your existence.

We can stay on that old familiar karmic wheel, spinning and repeating for as long as WE Choose to remain there. However, souls like mine are here to usher in a New way! Souls like mine have remembered that we are Infinite, Powerful, and Capable of Anything we choose to Align with. We are fearless global/universal Shift Leaders and Conscious Creators. We are changing within ourselves, and we are assisting with great changes within the matrix of All DNA.

Do you remember when you lived for thousands of years? Do you remember when you could realign and heal yourself and others instantly? Do you remember being able to shift from matter to light and back again instantaneously with just our thoughts? Do you remember your ability to hear everyone’s’ thoughts and communicate with them telepathically? Do you remember levitating and relocating at will? Do you remember what it’s costing you to stay attached, and stuck, and limited by your karmic attachments? Are you ready for Rewiring, Realignment, and Full Remembering?

We are changing, that’s a fact. For some, those changes simply take them back around on that karmic merry-go-round, again and again they remain stuck in their misaligned, distorted perceptions. For others, we choose to leap off the karmic merry-go-round and choose to evolve without limitation or attachment.

In regards to my grandmother passing, I wish her soul complete and utter joy and freedom. I completely forgive her fearful choices while she was alive. My inner-child (the granddaughter, she even had some tears of release) releases and forgives all of my ancestors and all living beings who choose fearful choices while they are alive. I honor their choices as I choose to evolve.

However, I want to remind all of you that you do Not have to die (release your form) in order to live freely, powerfully, or with Complete Love and Consciousness. πŸ’— You can do that Now, and if you’re reading this it is a Divine and purposeful moment. Your Soul called you here to connect with us. So what do you choose Now? How May we support Your Evolution & Joyous Expansion?

Namaste πŸ’žπŸ™πŸ’ž Tawnya Love

Conscious Creator & Global Shift Leader at Your Service. How may I support you?

πŸ”₯ MindfulnessMastery888.Com πŸ”₯

Listen: https://youtu.be/Tg97JiBn1kE

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