Holding on to Hope for Humanity with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 150 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

July 30th 2018

I Love being a conscious, compassionate force within the lives of the humans I am blessed to connect with. Being a Soul coach is such a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I don’t say life coach, because I’m truly assisting my clients from a much greater expansive space and dimension.

As a human being I observe so much chaos and confusion manifesting within the structure of our society. What keeps me centered is the wisdom and understanding that it is All Divine. Do I wish for all humans to live consciously? Absolutely!

Do I also honor each human’s freewill to choose to live consciously or to choose to continue suffering–yes! I Love Supporting hurting, confused, and sometimes down right destructive humans…Why? Because in the end, it is the Love and Compassion that we give away that fills and fulfills us. We are just walking each other home.

Never lose hope for a hurting human, as we have all hurt at times and each of us moved through that experience in our own timing and our own creative way, taking with us the lessons and understanding our souls wanted most.

I truly got nothing but Love for you humanity, even when you project your ignorance and insanity. Because I SEE You, the true Shining Eternal Light that is You, you can’t hide that amazing light from a SEER. And I will wait patiently for each of you to choose when you feel safe to emerge from your own shadows, remembering that you are Love & that you have always been Love, and will always BE Love!

Namaste 💗🙏💗 And Thank You for sharing your vulnerability with me; I am so deeply honored ✌️😇💗

💋 Tawnya Love


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