Setting Healthy Boundaries with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 168 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery

With Tawnya Love

Nov. 17th, 2018

Greetings my Beloved Soul Family,

Recently, I was given the clarity and insight to express my observations as well as my desire for a healthy boundary with a particular family member. I have often observed this person bringing up painful memories or experiences of the past that directly connect with my own life. And what I noticed was that often these memories or old stories are brought up at very random times. Recently I was really watching this behavior, observing it and asking what the intentions of this human were.

Now I can only share my observations and hope that the other is open and present enough to see with clarity what they are doing and perhaps even ask themselves, why they are doing this. However, what I have found to be so important in my own life is the expressing of my healthy boundaries.

Others may only know what is important to you if you are clear with them. Granted, there are many humans who are incredibly insightful and aware (I am one of them); however, I have also observed that not all humans connect with each moment or with one another with presence.

Being an incredibly sensitive and aware human has its perks, but it is important to not take this lack of awareness and presence of others personally. And yet I have found it incredibly empowering and healing to always speak up and express what is healthy and helpful for me and what is not.

Wounded humans are often unconscious to their hurtful behavior. They often enjoy observing tension between others. And often their primary goal is about themselves. Often a wounded human will say hurtful things in an attempt to stroke their own ego in order to build up a stronger sense of self, since they are not truly confident within. They seem to say all of the worst things at the most vulnerable moments (again, for them it’s all about self), with little regard to how what they are saying might affect the other.

As an empowered human I have recognized the importance of shining the light of awareness upon these shadowy moments. I have recognized the power of bringing in the light as well as the importance of expressing one’s own healthy boundaries.

Often, I’ve worked with my counseling/coaching clients and heard how scared they are to express what they are observing. Often when we are feeling vulnerable with another human and we are not feeling safe or loved, we are afraid to express our truth to this human for fear of rejection or abandonment.

One thing I have found to be true is that we do not need to remain entangled or attached to unconscious humans. When we have the courage to clear that fear of rejection or abandonment, we open up our true inner power. Imagine how different families would be if everyone of us worked on empowering ourselves and finding and expressing our healthy boundaries.

Imagine all the power and energy we would retrieve to benefit our lives if we weren’t leaking it out from our fears of rejection. I’ll tell you something, everything will change as we individually make this change. We will become much more clear, focused and aware of what is best for our own well being. And we will start to express that wisdom and choose to live with Love as our guide rather than fear.

So if you’ve had a family member who just doesn’t seem to get how their unconscious behavior is affecting you, it is time for You to tell them. It is time for you to show them what you will or will not tolerate. And it is time for you to find your voice and reclaim your power as you choose to set your healthy boundaries. No one else can set these boundaries for you, and I promise that if you choose to be present with each sacred, moment you will know exactly what is needed in your ever expanding life.

Namaste, Tawnya Love 💗🙏💗

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