Choosing to listen and receive with Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 171 of 365 days of Mindfulness Mastery

By Tawnya Love

January 15th, 2019

Blessings and happy New Year to you my amazing soul family! I hope each of you enjoyed the holidays with those you Love and cherish as I did. My family and I had a wonderful holiday together.

My beloved and I enjoyed a fun 4-day getaway to Disneyland just the two of us which was very nice. We had so much fun and ran around like teenagers. I also ate some things that I wouldn’t normally eat. We stayed up until 1:30-2 AM each night, we had three nice sunny days and one rainy day in which we were completely soaked by the end of that day.

I rarely get sick, however all of this going, going, going mixed with little sleep, catching a chill, eating strange things, and probably coming into contact with many different germs took its toll. I felt my body getting achy, my head congested and my tummy feeling off.

I knew the importance of rest and balance in order to fully recover from all that fun. And so I’ve been spending the past few days resting, meditating and recovering.

The reason I felt inspired to share all of this is because of the dream I had last night. I felt this message can benefit many and not just myself. Therefore I am sharing it with you. Those who resonate with this message will feel it’s truth. Thanks for listening.

Before bed I was thanking my higher self for bringing me guidance on what my body, mind and soul most need at this time. I woke from this very symbolic dream: I recall I was with some people and they were doing their best to contain these wormy snake looking creatures. I heard someone say that if one got out and bit you it could kill you. At some point someone let one out and from that point on we were doing our best to capture it without being bit or harmed.

At some point in the dream I helped capture one and also got bit on my hand. I saw the creature taken away and chopped up. Soon after I saw a very thin ancient looking man that reminded me of an ancient tree. I knew he was a shaman right away. He looked at me and told me what to do to get rid of these harmful creatures. He touched me and told me I’d be fine and not to worry.

When I woke up I told my beloved about my dream and I told him that I knew exactly what my shaman/higher self was helping me see. I felt the wormy snake creature represented an energy like a parasite that is affecting many humans. I knew that when I stopped eating gluten and cut back and ate very little sugar I was feeling so much better. Suddenly I had been eating these things again thinking that I was safe to eat them now. However, as they accumulated within my sensitive body I started to feel the old familiar signs of the inbalance and intolerance of these foods.

I knew my shaman/higher self was guiding me in cleansing my body of these energies that act much like parasites. Once you eat some the energy craves more and more until eventually you feel sluggish and achy and sick again. In essence we end up feeding the parasites rather than feeding our bodies.

I knew it was time to get back to my low carb, clean eating again and that my body was letting me know how important that choice is for my well being. I share this dream because I know many of you are also struggling in ways with your health. Perhaps your feeling less energetic than you’d like, or your bloated or achy. I also have compassion for how much these energies within your body are attempting to control you. How they are like parasites hosting in your body taking from you rather than supporting your health and well-being.

Today I am resting, meditating, drinking clean structured plasma water and yes I will be eating my low carb foods with healthy greens without any sugar. It’s the moment to take my power back and I welcome you in joining me in this moment in taking your power back. Lessons learned moving forward and back into my highest alignment!

Thank You higher self for your perfect divine guidance. I Love You 💗🙏💗

Many blessings to you my evolving wise soul family.

Namaste Tawnya Love 😘💗✨

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