Ascension Symptoms and effects of Light Activations with Wayshower Tawnya Love

June 27th, 2019

Day 181 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

These Are the Symptoms of Lightbody Activation

After reading this article I feel that much of what is shared here is true. However I feel it’s also important to add that these shifts are nothing to fear. I myself have experienced uncomfortable aspects of Ascension at times for sure. And what has helped me greatly is remembering the importance of going higher, and expanding my awareness in a more cosmic/galactic way.

Remembering to go inward in order to receive, process and release is vital. Remembering not to take personally other’s choices to ascend with you or not. Remembering to be gentle with yourself and never shaming or judging, and those times that you do slip back into shame and judgment, remembering to forgive yourself and Love yourself regardless as you consciously choose to go higher. Remembering to BE more than your old human conditioning of frantic Doing is also vital. Remembering to rest and allow your upgrades to take place. A great way of looking at this is to compare this need for rest and being with how you treat your cellphone or computer. When your phone or computer is receiving an update/upgrade your device gets hot, and needs to be left alone in order to receive new information, process and organize that information, and then after this Being time has taken place your device works more efficiently.

As humans, many of us treat our computer devices with greater honor than we treat our own intelligent computers. Our Body, Mind and Soul are a highly advanced supercomputer. As humans we have created external devices as a mirror of our own intelligence. During Light-Body Activation it is important that we listen to the needs of our intelligent computers.

I have experienced the intense pressure, release, as well as Amazing euphoria and intense waves of energy moving through my human vessel. At times, these waves of light can feel like I’m being electrocuted and not pleasant. I always go into meditation and connect with my Soul team, guides and Source God, Consciously asking my questions and listening to the intelligent responses. I also at times request that my physical body be supported and that certain energies be shielded while benevolent energies are supported in moving through.

We are One with the Universal Intelligence at all times. When we remember this truth we are able to communicate with that intelligence freely and efficiently. I have experienced so many magical experiences that are beyond the mind. So it’s important that we do not get trapped in our minds with analyzing experiences that are beyond the computer of the mind.

When we see that our human minds are simply like a computer processing center we can honor the mind’s gift rather than demand the vast intelligence of the Infinite be held in the mind/computer. The Consciousness that we are moves through the mind it is Not the mind. Sort of like the information we bring through a computer and process within that computer comes from beyond that little device your holding.

I have experienced the sensation of bi-location during my sleeping and waking dream. At times this sensation was like having no gravity and I felt I was very floaty. I was aware of this physical space in which my physical body was presently viewing, while simultaneously I was aware of another dimension that I was also tuning into. These experiences can feel overwhelming to our sense of normal. Again, I highly recommend tuning in and asking your questions and making your requests from your Soul Team anytime you feel it necessary.

I have never been turned away or ignored. Ever!

I do Support a number of clients and fellow Star Seeds with Angelic Auric Clearings and Soul Coaching Sessions that are incredibly helpful and Activating. These sessions, especially the Angelic Auric Clearings, can offer great Relief and Support to those who are consciously ascending as well as those who are not yet as conscious but open to receiving energetic clearing, activation and upgrades which is so helpful in their Ascension. We are doing this and some are more conscious than others.

Thank you for all you are doing here, it is Divine and it is Important. Remember that Self Love is absolutely vital in moving from a third dimensional experience into a Magical and Empowering, fifth dimensional experience as a free sovereign multi-dimensional light being. We Are Doing This. I am here Consciously assisting in this Ascension. You are Not alone, other than your conditioned habit of choosing to view yourself as separate.

I know that those who are ready always find us. All is Divine and Beautiful. Namaste Beloved Soul Family ✨🙏✨

💗 Tawnya Love


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