We Are Frequency with Wayshower Tawnya Love

July 13th 2019

Day 182 of 365 Days of Mindfulness Mastery by Tawnya Love

Beloved Soul Family sometimes we have an article come into our lives that beautifully explains the healing work we are so powerfully assisting humanity with. Please read this attached article for deeper understanding on how we as connected, aware and conscious Beings of Light have the power to affect and be affected by those around us.


I Love Supporting my many clients in clearing their chakras cleansing their Auric Fields and Activating their DNA through Angelic Auric Clearing Seasons…I am able to support with these life shifting, cellular shifting healing sessions in person or remotely. ✨🙏✨ #11 is what I as an Intuitive Healer am able to do for my clients. I’ve observed animals, plants, humans, and the environment itself shift around me more times than I can mention.

We are incredibly powerful beings of Light Frequency. I recall once during a meditation where I was asking my Angelic Guides why I was able to FEEL so much. Their response was that I was a Being of Light with a highly sensitive antenna.

How may I Support Your Growth and Evolution at this Magical Time of Ascension? 💗 Feel free to contact me to ask me any questions

Blessings Tawnya Love

✨ MindfulnessMastery888.Com✨

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