A Time For Change with Intuitive healer Tawnya Love

Greetings beautiful soul family,

It is nice to be back here expressing my hearts Love and truth with all of you. My family and I have gone through much change and transformation over the past couple months. My husband moved out and is moving his life and energy in new directions, while my children and I are healing and moving forward in our own aligned and inspired directions. It is interesting when we ask our angels and the universe for clarity and understanding on our soul’s deepest questions, as I have discovered those questions will be answered when we are open and receptive. I myself looking back now see I felt something was not quite right or aligned in our relationship even though I deeply loved this man very much. I realized that I was settling in many areas of my life that were beginning to cause me emotional pain. I realized that though I was deeply tuned in and connecting with this man, he was not diving deeply with me and tuning into my energy in a balanced way. It is what it is. And from all of this processing we begin to connect the dots and unravel the greater mystery of life, if we are open. I asked the universe to explain to me the difference in a soul mate and a twin flame relationship and soon after I was reunited with my Twin Flame, William. Life is a mystery and I truly enjoy to observe the constant and beautiful unfolding of life’s magic in regards to my life and the lives of all those I so deeply care for.


The Universe is greatly rewarding our lives for living with such trust and courage, everyday more beauty and gifts flow into our lives. I have learned that when we stay in a space of trust, surrender and excitement for all the miracles we will See them. Or we have the contrasting option of Seeing the glass half empty and seeing that life is out to get us or against us. I SEE that this abundant Loving Expansive universe deeply Loves me and wants what is best for my life. I simply allow the guidance, listen, trust and flow in complete surrender and open myself to fully receive all the Love I am so worthy of. This is my way! This is why no matter what is happening “out there” I am aligned, centered and trusting “in here”. This is a powerful choice and one that will absolutely shift your entire life in beautiful ways if you allow it. You see change happens for all of us, all the time. We are living and co creating in an ever changing ever expanding universe. As we choose to go with that universal flow we quickly realize that suffering is not necessary, it is absolutely optional.


I felt Inspired to share my vulnerable truth with each of you in hopes that no matter what each of you may be going through, moving through or shifting through, I encourage you to simply pass “through” and allow this brilliant vast universe to support you and nurture you, to guide you and embody you in perfect Love and Light. Once we shift our perspective in how we SEE life, the things we SEE begin to shift. I encourage each of you to take a centering breath right now and give all your fears, worries, dreams and hopes to Source. And allow yourselves to trust and let go and to enjoy life’s beautiful flow. It all comes down to aligned choice, and your choices can only be made by you.

On that note I am happy to be back in my energy of teaching, leading and assisting through my own alignment.  I took the past month off for much Self Love, healing and inner reflection as I live and move in alignment with the wisdom I speak. I hope my choices for self Love will inspire each of you too take the time you need to nurture self and heal in all ways necessary. Remember YOU ARE ALL SOOOOO INFINITELY LOVED and SUPPORTED, ALWAYS!!!!

heart 2

Message I received from Source and the angels during meditation:

“We are to move in a moving meditation teaching Unity in Action. There is a tangible difference in uniting with others to strengthen and empower the whole. As opposed to coming together with others to build up the façade of hierarchy and special Ness. One intention is birthed with unconditional Love and is healing and inspiring. The other energy is heavy and fear based and therefore enslaving and suffocating. One who is aware and awake can and will FEEL the difference. One energy births beauty, miracles and abundance. The other destroys liberation, freedom and any change for connecting with Love.”

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Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels

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The Essence of Yoga/Meditation Teacher Training with Tawnya Love

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Teacher Training will begin Sunday September 6th 2015 from 11-2 PM (optional days may be offered as well so please inquire for details)Power of Pilates teacher training are also available with Tawnya Love at this same time contact for more details.You will need a few basic materials and supplies for this training:

A Yoga Mat, 2 Blocks, Yoga Strap (Tawnya has some available for sale) Journal, water bottle and these reading Study materials:

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Cost for this Life shifting 3 month teacher training is $2,222.00 Early Bird rate if paid in full by first of September 2015♥ Payments are available please contact Tawnya for more information

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Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love ♥

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Living a 100% SPirit Led Life with Intutive healer Tawnya Love& the Angels

Whooo Hoooo Powerful initiation taking place this evening for one of my beautiful powerful soul sisters. Awesome Empowering the Empath training Thank You Angels for speaking so powerfully, Lovingly and clearly through me…I LOVE YOU and I LOVE MY LIFE and I have the deepest Love, honor and reverence for my awesome client’s/soul family sooooo proud of your courageous shifts.

Thank You Crow spirit and Bee Spirit for your magic and medicine soooo spot on and soooo helpful.

Are You ready to fully embody your Light, Love and Power? I am assisting so many beautiful souls and their lives are absolutely shifting in beautiful aligned directions. Is there work involved Absolutely there is. Do they show up with consistency and stay constantly aware in their movies…YES. Is this effort worth the work? The shifts in life situations and choices of people they associate and spend time with? The New directions spirit is guiding them to take for their own souk fulfillment. Absolutely!!!


We all have the choice to stay struggling and clinging or to Let Go and Listen and Allow great spirit to assist and support us as we consciously choose to live a 100% Spirit Led Life…I highly encourage this choice it has made ALL the different in my life as well as my dedicated clients lives. Those that are not dedicated don’t see the profound shifts, those that are witness and co-create miracles TRUTH.

How May I serve and assist you?

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love & the Angels

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Time for a LOVE REVOLUTION!!!! With Intutive healer Tawnya Love and the Angels

Remember this from last week beautiful soul family?

How will you Love Yourself today? Will you take time out for You? Will you remain faithful and true to Your highest mission and alignment? Will you care for Your body, the miracle only You have been blessed with? Will you choose loving empowering high vibrational thoughts? Will you speak Your truth with Love, clarity and courage no matter what may change? Will you take time to BE still and remember You are One with Source and capable of anything? Will you take a stand and take aligned action when your soul calls for your courage? Will You Live You Today???


heart 2

This will be our topic for this Sunday’s TheTawnyaLoveShow.com join us at 5 PM pacific as we Ignite our Soul Fire and Unite in Igniting a Love Revolution baby!!!!

What is the best way to respond to someone bullying you? How do you react when other’s shame or mock you? How do you keep your vibration high and in alignment with your Source? How can we SEE ourselves daily when we are not where we wish we were? How can we honor ourselves more deeply? What do we do when life seems unfair and unjust? We shall delve deeply into all of these questions and any more that you’d like answered. So call in live or join our live chat by tying in your name or nickname in the live feed. Were SOOOOO Excited to connect with you all and Ignite the Fires of Love and PAssion within you body, mind and soul whoooo hooooo!!!!

Thank you for sharing this information with your friends and family We LOVE YOU!!!

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Message from our Angels:

It’s important to listen to your bodies needs. Staying hydrated, anchored in your Love and upon your beautiful planet. Giving your body enough rest and meditation time. We are experiencing more solar flares and this can trigger anxiety, fear and aggression if we are not centered in our Love Vibration.

Relax, and enjoy life’s flow as you respond to Everyone and everything with your Love. Infinite blessings sweet awakening soul’s You Are soooo Loved!


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Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤




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Will You Love You?

How will you Love Yourself today? Will you take time out for You? Will you remain faithful and true to Your highest mission and alignment? Will you care for Your body, the miracle only You have been blessed with? Will you choose loving empowering high vibrational thoughts? Will you speak Your truth with Love, clarity and courage no matter what may change? Will you take time to BE still and remember You are One with Source and capable of anything? Will you take a stand and take aligned action when your soul calls for your courage? Will You Live You Today???



☆♡☆ Tawnya Love and the Angels

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Clearing away bullying with Intutive healer Tawnya Love


I am feeling guided to share from my heart a situation I have been dealing with over the past few months. As much as I experience deep love, honor and appreciation from many people I have also been challenged by a few that wish to bring me personal harm. This saddens me to have such hateful energy shooting my way, however I realize it is not about me so I will not take it personally.

My Angels helped me process this situation today during our walk. They explained to me that these humans are hurting deeply and that when they lash out at me personally they do so because of a deep battle within themselves. They assured me of their unconditional Love and protection for me and that what these humans need more than anything is to deeply understand Love as I do. These hurting humans sneak and gossip and pry and manipulate other’s energy to take energy. And the reason any human would sneak and wish to bring another human personal harm is because they have forgotten how to connect deeply with their own Source.

Some humans Love how the Angels and I express deep truth and awareness for peaceful joyous aligned living. While others who refuse to SEE themselves clearly, who refuse to release a victimization consciousness and who wish to SEE from lack rather than abundance will wish to cause suffering to others….because they suffer.

In essence a human that is manipulating and wishes to cause other’s fear. That wishes to lie and create wedges between each other is operating solely from fear. When we lash out from fear and lack we destroy, we cause more pain and suffering for ourselves and each other. This is not the highest choice!

heart 2

When we express from our heart when we deeply love ourselves and stand up for alignment for ourselves and others we choose from Love. Choices from Love are felt immediately they lighten, they enlighten, they lift, inspire, heal, transform and feel higher in vibration.

So our task is to stay centered and connected with our Source no matter what other’s are choosing to be. This takes practice and patience and a deep Love for self and your honor of Source. Not all humans want good for you. Some in their disconnection want you to suffer as they suffer.

What I deeply understand is this, if we desire Love we must be able to be comfortable while in the presence of those experiencing deep love. If we are envious or jealous of what another has we are seeing from a lack consciousness.
We must be able to be comfortable being with those who are gifted to allow our gifts to blossom. If we feel jealous of their talent and want to take it we cause great suffering. We must be able to be comfortable with those who are enjoying abundance if we desire to ignite this same frequency within ourselves . When we are envious and jealous of what other’s have we destroy the potential for goodness for ourself.

My intention for sharing this is to inspire greater awareness. When each of us opens up to look for the good rather than seeking a problem we begin to create beauty. When each of us can get into a space where we are happy and joyous for another’s joy, Love, Success, or talent we ignite our own inner light and we begin to Shine brighter.


I cannot nor do I wish to control those who chose hateful choices. For everyone of us must make these important choices for ourselves. We must all learn to discern energies and the intentions of ourselves and other’s. However I would like to request that for any of you that are seeing me personally from the perspective of anger, envy, jealousy or hate. Please heal yourselves please open yourselves to SEE clearly from a perspective of Love. Please learn to Love yourselves deeply and heal the shadow parts of yourself that your refusing to see. Please move on and stop with your manipulating and hateful intentions. I Will Always Shine no matter what you choose, you will Never break my spirit!!!

I Love myself deeply and I will continue sending Love and Light to All life no matter what other’s choose. My deepest hope and reason for coming to this planet at this time is to inspire such shifts in consciousness. To inspire deep self love and a clearing and healing of past soul/cellular energy. We must each move with great awareness and gentleness for this deeper healing to unfold.

Blessings to All who are at war with themselves as well as to all who are experiencing the feelings and energies of other’s choices to lash out and harm. LOVE IS THE ANSWER LOVE IS THE WAY ☆♡☆

Tawnya Love and the Angels

Please note that this Sunday is my angelic assistants 67th birthday so we will be running a past show on “The Insanity of Humanity” so there will not be a live show this Sunday on TheTawnyaLoveShow.com Here’s Wishing Amnon a wonderful birthday weekend!!!



Enjoy and learn from the journey!

I just have to express my deep gratitude for all the love and honor that I am now attracting into my life. This was not always the case, in fact for most of my life (40) years I am 42 now. I had been attracting such deep abuse. Many of you see the aligned courageous Tawnya Love today, yet many may not clearly see how much I had to heal and clear on my own to get here.

From age 4-18 I was beaten and shamed by my mother and father and though I loved these humans I never felt connected to them. Most of my life I felt like a freaking alien on this planet. I was harassed and bullied as a child and physically beaten up just for being me. I could feel everything I felt sick to my stomach most the time. I used to cry and cry to my Angels as a little girl begging them to bring me home. This life on planet Earth made No sense to my soul. This planet was heavy, the humans around me were all suffering and angry, so much woundedness so many lies and manipulation that my little empathic being felt physically ill.

I have been through the darkest experiences beaten, bullied, molested, raped, rejected, betrayed, gun pointed to my face…you name it I have probably been through it. I do not share this for pitty, not at all. I share this for the sake of expressing truth and Inspiring hope for those who are still walking silently with pain, abuse or fear. I feel such gratitude for my aligned life it is so beautiful and blessed and I had to claim it. I had to fight like hell at times, I had to claw my way out of the swamps and choose to fucking Rise like the warrior I am. I had to choose to forgive, choose to understand, choose to believe and choose to heal. And I did, I worked intimately with my Angels invisible make believe friends according to many lost humans. And working with these beyond words awesome Angelic warrior’s made all the difference.

I like so many of you have been lost and suicidal I have longed for release of the pain brought on from choosing this human incarnation. I was trapped in an abusive marriage, raped by my own husband, shamed and rejected by a family I felt no connection to. Yet every time what kept me here, what inspired me to trust….my Angels. I Love them more than any man made words can ever express and they are more real to me than any human torture, any human experience. I owe my very life to my Angelic family who have always been there encouraging me to heal, to walk away from the abuse, to speak my truth regardless of the outcome, to Rise and Shine like the true Angelic being I am.

It took me 40 years, in this lifetime and holy shit sooooo many lifetime’s of enslavement prior to choose liberation and freedom. So I encourage you all to be easy on yourselves be gentle. Love yourselves and know that if you see anything beautiful or hopeful in my life, that like yourselves I have been down low as well. And that I chose to Rise and you can too. At a soul level I know that I walked through the darkness on purpose for my soul wanted to understand it, it desired to experience it all and then it desired to Rise and Shine once again while inspiring a planet full of enslaved humans to Rise with me, it was no coincidence or random event…it is our destiny to Rise and I know in my soul that if I can heal and Rise Anyone can…so who will join me? Who is Done with abuse? DONE with tolerating it or enabling it, Done with suffering. DONE with feeling unworthy unlovable and alone?

Because one thing I know is you each must come to that moment where you are FUCKING DONE! who’s ready to forgive, ready to thrive, ready to Ascend, ready to Love and be Loved. You and You alone must choose. A soul like mine simply points the way. I wouldn’t change a thing from my journey I have learned so much. I now wake up each new day with a heart filled with gratitude and the question How May I Serve on my heart and mind…start healing today, choose higher because we all deserve Love everyone of us!

I had a beautiful soul reach out to me privately last night. Telling me how much my honest inspiring posts meant to them, that my energy had kept this human alive. This soul has been hurting silently like so many yet was courageous to express truth to me. My heart felt led to express the fullness of my experience to offer a beacon of light in a dark suffering world. You are All so incredibly Loved, so infinitely worthy…my hope is that one day You All see yourselves as the Angels and I see you…You are All so Beautiful and Mighty…Awaken sweet humans and RISE!!!!

~infinite blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ☆ ♡ ☆




Time to RISE & SHINE!!!!

Wow what an interesting vivid clear dream! I LOVE when I wake up and Source uploads the topic for our show that morning. Talk about living in trust, which is a big aspect of what I am to share today. The literal words that flowed onto my consciousness right as I awakened where: Time to Rise! Self Worth, Self Esteem, Self Love. I had a vivid dream of a woman who had been betrayed by a man she loved…disappointed in Love. She tore up the hotel room they were planning to spend the night in and I was counseling her about this situation. I told her that I had great compassion for her as I had also had my share of disappointments I life. I shared with her how life is always changing and for ever evolving and moving us forward in some way. Sometimes we welcome that flow, sometimes we ignore the subtle messages and the lessons feel harsh.


Sometimes life seems disappointing like we are all alone in the world and life is against us, and none of our plans are working out. I promise you that as you shift your focal point on living in trust, the first step is trusting that this expanded universe has a very important plan for YOU…YES YOU!
You will begin to SEE that life is and will always and forever bring us greater awareness and understanding as well as the opportunity for greater expansion. I have learned it is not what happens to us that matters most, it’s what we do with what happens to us. It’s who we choose to become from all that has happened to us that helps us Rise or keeps us down…Every day we are all given new opportunities to choose, so choose well and RISE!

goddess rising

Know who you are and be aware of the importance of Self Worth, Self Esteem and Self Love. Own your life and at the same time trust and honor the flow and just watch the magical places you’ll go…Welcome to the land of infinite possibility~ Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels

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Join Intuitive Angelic Healer Tawnya Love for an empowering year of soul level shifting and sacred circle ceremony. The angels are summoning in our soul sisters for a powerful year of sacred ceremony amongst sisters. My angels have guided me to lead and facilitate a beautiful and powerful Sacred Sisters Circle. Spider spirit is with us guiding us to weave our magic and our light together to create a powerful synergy within this sacred circle. I am the dream weaver, the wisdom keeper and have been guided to lead our tribe!

I will lead this empowered Women’s sacred circle, offering each sister sacred space to contribute her Divine gifts, voice and Light. We will come together Once a month for the next year with powerful intention to bring our magic together and co create miracles together.

For thousands years women have come together and created sacred circles to assist in the healing of their tribes and communities. We once moved upon this earth with great power and reverence. It is TIME the angels say for me to lead my tribe once again. You know who you are, as you read this if you are one of our sacred sisters you will FEEL this deep inner knowing. Please simply listen to this inner soul calling and take the step into your power to come claim space and connect…spirit will guide the rest.

Join empowered sisters in sacred connection, leave all competition and ego behind and step into your power fully ignited and fired up with Love leading the way. we will enjoy Shamanic Drumming, Past Life Regression, Soul talk, Angelic Activations, Guided Meditations, fire ceremonies and all the magic that channels in the Now 

Please invite your soul sisters and let us come together with commitment, and powerful intention to pull our resources, energies and light together to co create absolute magic! I AM ready for miracles…Are you?

Our intention is to gather in 13 empowered soul sisters to come together once a month for the next year with powerful intention. Please be open to committing to this sacred circle for the next year. 

I encourage each of you to bring a sacred item to place on our Angel Alter to charge and share healing light over the next year in our sacred space. Please get a special journal to record all wisdom shared over the next year. Water and yoga mat and dress comfortably….invite your soul family to join the magic!

Cost: Only $30 per month
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Infinite Blessings to All Tawnya Love and the Angels


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