Clearing away bullying with Intutive healer Tawnya Love


I am feeling guided to share from my heart a situation I have been dealing with over the past few months. As much as I experience deep love, honor and appreciation from many people I have also been challenged by a few that wish to bring me personal harm. This saddens me to have such hateful energy shooting my way, however I realize it is not about me so I will not take it personally.

My Angels helped me process this situation today during our walk. They explained to me that these humans are hurting deeply and that when they lash out at me personally they do so because of a deep battle within themselves. They assured me of their unconditional Love and protection for me and that what these humans need more than anything is to deeply understand Love as I do. These hurting humans sneak and gossip and pry and manipulate other’s energy to take energy. And the reason any human would sneak and wish to bring another human personal harm is because they have forgotten how to connect deeply with their own Source.

Some humans Love how the Angels and I express deep truth and awareness for peaceful joyous aligned living. While others who refuse to SEE themselves clearly, who refuse to release a victimization consciousness and who wish to SEE from lack rather than abundance will wish to cause suffering to others….because they suffer.

In essence a human that is manipulating and wishes to cause other’s fear. That wishes to lie and create wedges between each other is operating solely from fear. When we lash out from fear and lack we destroy, we cause more pain and suffering for ourselves and each other. This is not the highest choice!

heart 2

When we express from our heart when we deeply love ourselves and stand up for alignment for ourselves and others we choose from Love. Choices from Love are felt immediately they lighten, they enlighten, they lift, inspire, heal, transform and feel higher in vibration.

So our task is to stay centered and connected with our Source no matter what other’s are choosing to be. This takes practice and patience and a deep Love for self and your honor of Source. Not all humans want good for you. Some in their disconnection want you to suffer as they suffer.

What I deeply understand is this, if we desire Love we must be able to be comfortable while in the presence of those experiencing deep love. If we are envious or jealous of what another has we are seeing from a lack consciousness.
We must be able to be comfortable being with those who are gifted to allow our gifts to blossom. If we feel jealous of their talent and want to take it we cause great suffering. We must be able to be comfortable with those who are enjoying abundance if we desire to ignite this same frequency within ourselves . When we are envious and jealous of what other’s have we destroy the potential for goodness for ourself.

My intention for sharing this is to inspire greater awareness. When each of us opens up to look for the good rather than seeking a problem we begin to create beauty. When each of us can get into a space where we are happy and joyous for another’s joy, Love, Success, or talent we ignite our own inner light and we begin to Shine brighter.


I cannot nor do I wish to control those who chose hateful choices. For everyone of us must make these important choices for ourselves. We must all learn to discern energies and the intentions of ourselves and other’s. However I would like to request that for any of you that are seeing me personally from the perspective of anger, envy, jealousy or hate. Please heal yourselves please open yourselves to SEE clearly from a perspective of Love. Please learn to Love yourselves deeply and heal the shadow parts of yourself that your refusing to see. Please move on and stop with your manipulating and hateful intentions. I Will Always Shine no matter what you choose, you will Never break my spirit!!!

I Love myself deeply and I will continue sending Love and Light to All life no matter what other’s choose. My deepest hope and reason for coming to this planet at this time is to inspire such shifts in consciousness. To inspire deep self love and a clearing and healing of past soul/cellular energy. We must each move with great awareness and gentleness for this deeper healing to unfold.

Blessings to All who are at war with themselves as well as to all who are experiencing the feelings and energies of other’s choices to lash out and harm. LOVE IS THE ANSWER LOVE IS THE WAY ☆♡☆

Tawnya Love and the Angels

Please note that this Sunday is my angelic assistants 67th birthday so we will be running a past show on “The Insanity of Humanity” so there will not be a live show this Sunday on Here’s Wishing Amnon a wonderful birthday weekend!!!


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