Remembering with Intuitive healer Tawnya Love

I’m in awe of the powerful abilities we have as soul’s to tune deeply into our dreams and visions we receive during healing sessions, Shamanic Journey and past life regressions. I personally have been receiving so much deeper understanding of when things really started to move in a misaligned direction on this planet. I have been shown the being I was way back then that did all I could to stop things from turning to dark agendas. What is Interesting is that so many soul’s I’ve reconnected with over the past few years have in some form or another been connected to that past life in Egypt.

past lives

Here’s what I know at a soul level, each of us must do our clearing work. The reason this clearing work is so important the Angels say is because if we do not clear and release this old soul/cellular energy memory. We ultimately will unconsciously act it out again and again.

Many of us are in our own personal ways here to clear the old karmic energy from our pasts. We are here to look deeply into why We as a human race keep falling for the same games, allowing the same misaligned beings to control us and wake up to the fact that We have power in our alignment. All other perceived power is an illusion forcing other’s to do what we say, bullying other’s from fear of what we think there is a shortage of, harassing those who stand firmly in their power…it must stop!

True power is of a gentle nature, true power is only available to the soul who is fully aligned with its Source. True power does Not lash out and seek control from its fear…Fear chooses that. Fear is the temporary loss of consciousness with your Source. Fear will Never save any of you Ever. Fear destroys, Fear isolates, Fear consumes and controls.

Love is connection with your Source. Love heals, Love transforms, Love inspires, ignites and Unites. Love is only possible when we fully and consciously realize our connection with our Source. Love is THE ANSWER, LOVE IS THE WAY, LOVE IS WHY WE ARE ALL HERE AGAIN!!!!

heart 2

Let’s heal the past friends, let’s delve deeply into our memories and heal and transcend the pain. Let’s rise into the awakened aware and empowered connected beings we came here to fully align with. It is TIME!!!!

♡ Infinite blessings to All in All directions of time.

Tawnya Love and the Angels

It’s TIME!!!

Tawnya Love Advertising photo

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