The importance of Clairvoyance

Many clients have expressed frustration in balancing their clairvoyance, intuition with their logical minds. I share this in hopes of assisting with deeper understanding of the importance of balance and honor of spirit, mind and body.

In order to truly connect with the vastness of spirit we will need to discipline ourselves to refocus our attention to our spirit rather than limit ourselves to the intellect. Many of us must unlearn much childhood conditioning that we’ve been taught which stated that the intellect was the highest attainable state. Many have been conditioned to believe you are what you know, what you’ve been taught, what you’ve memorized, that you are your mind and all that is real is what the mind says is real.

When we limit ourselves to the intellect we identify ourselves with the physical dimension. Our intellect will often try to bring us confusion and doubt. The intellect is an important aspect of our physical self and must be honored in balance with our clairvoyance if we wish to connect deeply with the spiritual realms. Faith is essential. As we trust with faith we begin to cross the physical 3rd dimensional bridge to the expansive realm of spirit. In essence it is our faith that moves us “out of our intellectual minds” into the vast infinite space of higher consciousness. All that is required is an openness to truth.

Many of us that choose to identify with only this physical so called reality will block so much beauty and truth from our attachments to rigid limiting intellect. This will begin to enslave the soul and disrupt the healthy body, mind, spirit balance. We are consciousness experiencing itself in a physical form through the intellectual mind. It is vital we remember first and foremost we are spirit, light, consciousness. We are creating powerfully and constantly whether we realize it or not from our alignment with our Source consciousness or our misalignment with our Source consciousness.

Effort is a physical energy, not a spiritual energy, your gift of clairvoyance is a spiritual ability, therefore your physical effort will disrupt your natural spiritual ability. Let go and allow no need to force and “try” to make things happen, no need to “try” to see. Allow

Infinite blessings Tawnya LoveĀ and the Angels

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