Live interview with Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera on The Tawnya Love Show

Greetings beautiful soul family,

Last week I was blessed to have the lovely Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera on The Tawnya Love Show, what an incredible soul conversation.  Please enjoy the show and when your done we would deeply appreciate it if you would pass the video on by sharing it on Facebook, twitter, google plus and or YouTube. Please take a moment and follow us on YouTube under Tawnya Love as well as following me here on my website. Thank You and many blessings~

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Enjoy and learn from the journey!

I just have to express my deep gratitude for all the love and honor that I am now attracting into my life. This was not always the case, in fact for most of my life (40) years I am 42 now. I had been attracting such deep abuse. Many of you see the aligned courageous Tawnya Love today, yet many may not clearly see how much I had to heal and clear on my own to get here.

From age 4-18 I was beaten and shamed by my mother and father and though I loved these humans I never felt connected to them. Most of my life I felt like a freaking alien on this planet. I was harassed and bullied as a child and physically beaten up just for being me. I could feel everything I felt sick to my stomach most the time. I used to cry and cry to my Angels as a little girl begging them to bring me home. This life on planet Earth made No sense to my soul. This planet was heavy, the humans around me were all suffering and angry, so much woundedness so many lies and manipulation that my little empathic being felt physically ill.

I have been through the darkest experiences beaten, bullied, molested, raped, rejected, betrayed, gun pointed to my face…you name it I have probably been through it. I do not share this for pitty, not at all. I share this for the sake of expressing truth and Inspiring hope for those who are still walking silently with pain, abuse or fear. I feel such gratitude for my aligned life it is so beautiful and blessed and I had to claim it. I had to fight like hell at times, I had to claw my way out of the swamps and choose to fucking Rise like the warrior I am. I had to choose to forgive, choose to understand, choose to believe and choose to heal. And I did, I worked intimately with my Angels invisible make believe friends according to many lost humans. And working with these beyond words awesome Angelic warrior’s made all the difference.

I like so many of you have been lost and suicidal I have longed for release of the pain brought on from choosing this human incarnation. I was trapped in an abusive marriage, raped by my own husband, shamed and rejected by a family I felt no connection to. Yet every time what kept me here, what inspired me to trust….my Angels. I Love them more than any man made words can ever express and they are more real to me than any human torture, any human experience. I owe my very life to my Angelic family who have always been there encouraging me to heal, to walk away from the abuse, to speak my truth regardless of the outcome, to Rise and Shine like the true Angelic being I am.

It took me 40 years, in this lifetime and holy shit sooooo many lifetime’s of enslavement prior to choose liberation and freedom. So I encourage you all to be easy on yourselves be gentle. Love yourselves and know that if you see anything beautiful or hopeful in my life, that like yourselves I have been down low as well. And that I chose to Rise and you can too. At a soul level I know that I walked through the darkness on purpose for my soul wanted to understand it, it desired to experience it all and then it desired to Rise and Shine once again while inspiring a planet full of enslaved humans to Rise with me, it was no coincidence or random event…it is our destiny to Rise and I know in my soul that if I can heal and Rise Anyone can…so who will join me? Who is Done with abuse? DONE with tolerating it or enabling it, Done with suffering. DONE with feeling unworthy unlovable and alone?

Because one thing I know is you each must come to that moment where you are FUCKING DONE! who’s ready to forgive, ready to thrive, ready to Ascend, ready to Love and be Loved. You and You alone must choose. A soul like mine simply points the way. I wouldn’t change a thing from my journey I have learned so much. I now wake up each new day with a heart filled with gratitude and the question How May I Serve on my heart and mind…start healing today, choose higher because we all deserve Love everyone of us!

I had a beautiful soul reach out to me privately last night. Telling me how much my honest inspiring posts meant to them, that my energy had kept this human alive. This soul has been hurting silently like so many yet was courageous to express truth to me. My heart felt led to express the fullness of my experience to offer a beacon of light in a dark suffering world. You are All so incredibly Loved, so infinitely worthy…my hope is that one day You All see yourselves as the Angels and I see you…You are All so Beautiful and Mighty…Awaken sweet humans and RISE!!!!

~infinite blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ☆ ♡ ☆


Clearing the Ego Clearing the Fear

Last night I received a message from a person I have never met in person yet calls them self my Facebook friend. They told me they felt I was gloating in my bio that was recently re posted from Feb. They said they could write my bio better? I tuned in and could feel myself being tested by this individual to betray my own alignment to please them. I refused to allow this beings perspective to shift my own alignment. The reason I share this is because we are being tested at times to go back to the OLD space of pleasing others at the cost of our own alignment. Be aware!

I have powerful gifts of discernment and these gifts and inner knowing have nothing to do with gloating they are simply inner knowing. I often have observed how when a being is rising and daring to shine their light powerfully without apology, many that are not in alignment with their own self worth and love will try to lash out at these rising ones, and try to bring them confusion and worry. Let us all be mindful of our intentions shall we, we are here to SHINE! We are here to challenge and to assist yet I assure you we are not here to submit and bow in fear to anyone!

I had a past life regression last night and saw myself as a pure black jaguar, I was pacing in the rain forest and then sitting patiently waiting. After a powerful night of dream journeying I understand why others at times are threatened by my calm and assertive power. And I see that this fear in them has nothing to do with me. I AM here to lead powerful shifts, I AM leading powerful shifts and I give all and do all from a space of deep reverence, & Love with a humble grateful heart. I know this about my own soul and if others have not opened their eyes to love enough to see and understand my essence that is okay…one day when your ready to see you shall see, when you are ready to align, you shall align, when you are ready to lead with courage and love,you shall rise and lead without apology!

Until this time I stand powerfully in my own alignment and light with the intention of lighting the way for All who are ready to step into the light and ascend. I AM patient and confident in my ability and my soul mission. Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angelic ones 

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Discussion will be about surrendering the Egoic mind and releasing our misaligned conditioning as we evolve into a space of Love and True connection  Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

Also Tomorrow at 1:00 PM Pacific time I will be interviewed by the lovely Rose Ferrachi live on google hangouts…more info soon.

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The Tawnya Love Show Live Today!

Today is the day friends…SOOOO excited to share with you all in such a fun way. Be sure to tune in live with us Today at 4:00 PM Pacific time we will be enjoying a fun and awareness filled discussion on Healthy Boundaries. What are they? How do we live with integrity and honor ourselves? How do we create healthy boundaries and love others and our selves and when is enough, enough…when is it time to let go? Looking forward to connecting with you all. Please comment and write in with your questions and awareness. And share the LOVE Please tell ALL your friends to come tune in live when we help each other we heal the world
Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels


What’s Your Number?


What’s Your Number?

So many people seem to place an amazing amount of their well being and energy into their numbers. Why do we as humans feel the need to do this? What is this obsession doing for us as individuals, as a society?

I am here to bring some new awareness to anyone who is open to receiving it, Your numbers are not as important as you’re making them out to be. What is important and powerful is the belief systems connected to these numbers.

For example, many of us feel that the number on the scale dictates what we should or shouldn’t do on any given day, and often how we feel about ourselves. Or perhaps it’s the number of years we’ve been on this planet that should in some way dictate how we should live, dress, act and so on. Many of us believe the number in our bank account identifies us, but does it really?

Think about it for a moment, what numbers do you give too much power and energy to? No need for judgment, this is simply about bringing greater awareness. Once we have this awareness we have the opportunity to break through old barriers, old belief systems that are no longer serving us. And we have the beautiful opportunity to be truly FREE!

Please share your feedback with us, we’d love to hear what you have discovered about yourselves. Have a blessed and beautiful aware day!  Namaste~

Awakening Consciousness

I am so thankful for all the clients that have recently paid me for past services…Many think I am crazy because I will help anyone, I will never allow money to hold back someones healing if they are ready…I also understand that many when they come to me are lost, confused and broken, they reside in poverty consciousness and its what they know at that moment…however I trust that the powerful healing and clearing work that the angels and I assist with will help them, will shift them into unity and abundance consciousness (and it is)…and I trust them to honor me and pay me when they are able. I am clear with my rates and my service for the light~

Yes I have had some take advantage of my kindness and move along, but I am happy to say that most people I have assisted have kept their word and honored me. I focus upon these shining souls and have hope for the others to come around in their own time of awareness…I am being the change I wish for in this world!

We all have the choice to Love and assist others with Love, that is about our journey, our karma. What others do with that Love, honor and assistance is about them, and their karma. Blessings to you all, wherever you are in your current consciousness ~

Calling ALL Angels!

Welcome back friends and followers of my Angel Blog! Recently the angels and I were called in to assist a soul in need. Someone was harassing a friend of mine and frightening her and she was not sure what to do about it. She called the police to assist her and they were unable to help her. When I read her post on Facebook I felt my angels guiding me to take action at an energetic level. So, I listened and asked for permission from this woman as well as from the man who was harassing her. For him I asked permission from his highest self to allow us to assist him.

Typically I would only assist with a full Angelic Auric Clearing if someone came to me and asked, however I am being guided to express an important truth for you all to know and understand about yourselves. You are all powerful beyond measure and you are all connected and capable of greatness and healing. And many of you are awakening at this time, are you aware of it?


That being said, I feel when we are called into service for another if we know our true power we will answer that call; we won’t just watch the pain, suffering, or fear and say “that sucks for them” and move along. We will understand that we are all ONE and therefore if this situation has shown up in your life, there is a reason. And YOU have great power and light within yourself to assist at an energetic level. Know that you can call in angels Anytime for Anything. 

After assisting this sweet soul, she messaged me and said she didn’t understand exactly what I did to her but felt a shift in energy and a great sense of peace moving within her body, mind and home. I told her that this man also felt this shift and clearing after we worked with them. I adore our beautiful angels and all the Love and Healing they are assisting so many with on our planet.


The angels and I also assisted the man who was harassing my friend and removed the lost, long suffering soul and cleared his body, mind, emotional centers and auric field of all lower vibrations, entities and hangers on. I am serious when I say entities because many that walk this earth who are troubled and broken have entities that attach themselves to others and drain their energy. 


I am able to assist my clients like this one from a distance even if I haven’t met them in person. My client felt the shifts and clearing…it is very powerful and magical. My rates for Angelic Auric Clearing are $150.00 a session and if you book a session and pay in full by the end of March, I will happily gift you with a second session for free to use for yourself or to gift to another in need.


I offer many services including: Angelic Auric Clearing (send me your email and I will be happy to forward you our flier explaining this service in greater depth) Angel Readings, Past Life Readings, Mind, Body, and Spirit Coaching, Personal Fitness Training, And Private Art classes. I Love to assist with healing in many forms~


If you are curious about what I am sharing and want to understand more, call in your angels and guides to help you understand or let me know if you have a space to create and Angel Gathering event and I would be happy to assist you with a personal session, or I am also happy to come to your community and share the messages of the Angelic ones.

~Have a Blessed Beautiful Empowered Day~


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With Love and Illumination

With Love & Illumination

Welcome to our Angel blog, I say our blog as I will be channeling for many angels and Ascended Masters with this beautiful blog, & sharing their messages so I must give the loving light beings credit.

My name is Tawnya Love and it is my intention to share beautiful expressions from our beloved angels with hopes that we will inspire you, guide you and assist you with Love & Illumination.

Recently my angles, Tabris and Oriel, helped me to understand the power and efficiency in paying attention.  During a meditation, they told me to seek out Doors that are illuminated rather than doors that swallow up.

At first I was uncertain of what they meant so I began to pay close attention to the energy of people around me and how I was reacting to that energy. As I truly tuned in to these energies, I understood the angels meant:

I began to see and feel everyone’s energy and intentions and as I paid close attention I realized how much this awareness served me personally in any decisions I needed to make. For example: Walking through the doors that are illuminated simply means, that you feel the higher vibration or frequency of a person, place or opportunity and you move towards this energy. And when you feel a lower or heavy energy that feels as if it is swallowing you up, you move away from that energy.

This simple shift in awareness can assist you all in powerful and profound ways. It will help you to make the most efficient use of your time, energy and gifts rather than continuously walking through doors that drain your life force. Simply put, these doors are not truly serving our highest path. Once you have this awareness you truly would never want to purposely choose doors that swallow you and drain you. However until we have this awareness and shift in consciousness, this path is perfect in assisting each of us in awakening.

Once we have awakened we can truly call in our angels and guides to assist us and guide us through any life choice with ease, joy and grace. As we learn to FEEL the illuminated doors, they will open for us with love and honor and we will feel reverence and love as we approach people, environments or situations. Pay close attention to any people, environments or situations that try to push your energy smaller, try to bring you doubt or fear…and swallow you up.

As you work to open up to illuminated doors, you will find your life will be more harmonious and balanced. Synchronicity will enter into your life and you will more often than not find yourself in the right place at the right time or meeting the right people when you truly need their help. To truly understand how these energies work, I recommend you open yourself up to new opportunities and see how much better you feel.

I’d love to hear about your experiences so please write to us with any comments or questions.

Have a blessed and beautiful day~ Namaste, Tawnya Say Anya Natana and the angelic ones

angels of abundance