Calling ALL Angels!

Welcome back friends and followers of my Angel Blog! Recently the angels and I were called in to assist a soul in need. Someone was harassing a friend of mine and frightening her and she was not sure what to do about it. She called the police to assist her and they were unable to help her. When I read her post on Facebook I felt my angels guiding me to take action at an energetic level. So, I listened and asked for permission from this woman as well as from the man who was harassing her. For him I asked permission from his highest self to allow us to assist him.

Typically I would only assist with a full Angelic Auric Clearing if someone came to me and asked, however I am being guided to express an important truth for you all to know and understand about yourselves. You are all powerful beyond measure and you are all connected and capable of greatness and healing. And many of you are awakening at this time, are you aware of it?


That being said, I feel when we are called into service for another if we know our true power we will answer that call; we won’t just watch the pain, suffering, or fear and say “that sucks for them” and move along. We will understand that we are all ONE and therefore if this situation has shown up in your life, there is a reason. And YOU have great power and light within yourself to assist at an energetic level. Know that you can call in angels Anytime for Anything. 

After assisting this sweet soul, she messaged me and said she didn’t understand exactly what I did to her but felt a shift in energy and a great sense of peace moving within her body, mind and home. I told her that this man also felt this shift and clearing after we worked with them. I adore our beautiful angels and all the Love and Healing they are assisting so many with on our planet.


The angels and I also assisted the man who was harassing my friend and removed the lost, long suffering soul and cleared his body, mind, emotional centers and auric field of all lower vibrations, entities and hangers on. I am serious when I say entities because many that walk this earth who are troubled and broken have entities that attach themselves to others and drain their energy. 


I am able to assist my clients like this one from a distance even if I haven’t met them in person. My client felt the shifts and clearing…it is very powerful and magical. My rates for Angelic Auric Clearing are $150.00 a session and if you book a session and pay in full by the end of March, I will happily gift you with a second session for free to use for yourself or to gift to another in need.


I offer many services including: Angelic Auric Clearing (send me your email and I will be happy to forward you our flier explaining this service in greater depth) Angel Readings, Past Life Readings, Mind, Body, and Spirit Coaching, Personal Fitness Training, And Private Art classes. I Love to assist with healing in many forms~


If you are curious about what I am sharing and want to understand more, call in your angels and guides to help you understand or let me know if you have a space to create and Angel Gathering event and I would be happy to assist you with a personal session, or I am also happy to come to your community and share the messages of the Angelic ones.

~Have a Blessed Beautiful Empowered Day~


Friend me on Face Book under Tawnya Gentlema or My Business page: Divinely Inspired Healing & Art from the Heart



  1. Karyn EforEnlightened Mastrude · November 25, 2013

    Very powerful and beautiful, Ms. Tawnya!
    One minor issue to mention is that you’ll want to update where it says that your on Facebook under Tawnya Gentlema instead of Tawnya L. Love…

    • Tawnya Angel · November 26, 2013

      Thank you for your loving comments Karyn! I will take care of that detail ASAP thank you for catching that Love…Have a beautiful blessed day~ ❤

  2. Gary Wilson · June 18, 2016

    Wonderful thoughts you gave us here. Thank You for reminding me, in paragraph 2, what all I can actually do. Forever grateful for all you do!

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