Join Intuitive Angelic Healer Tawnya Love for an empowering year of soul level shifting and sacred circle ceremony. The angels are summoning in our soul sisters for a powerful year of sacred ceremony amongst sisters. My angels have guided me to lead and facilitate a beautiful and powerful Sacred Sisters Circle. Spider spirit is with us guiding us to weave our magic and our light together to create a powerful synergy within this sacred circle. I am the dream weaver, the wisdom keeper and have been guided to lead our tribe!

I will lead this empowered Women’s sacred circle, offering each sister sacred space to contribute her Divine gifts, voice and Light. We will come together Once a month for the next year with powerful intention to bring our magic together and co create miracles together.

For thousands years women have come together and created sacred circles to assist in the healing of their tribes and communities. We once moved upon this earth with great power and reverence. It is TIME the angels say for me to lead my tribe once again. You know who you are, as you read this if you are one of our sacred sisters you will FEEL this deep inner knowing. Please simply listen to this inner soul calling and take the step into your power to come claim space and connect…spirit will guide the rest.

Join empowered sisters in sacred connection, leave all competition and ego behind and step into your power fully ignited and fired up with Love leading the way. we will enjoy Shamanic Drumming, Past Life Regression, Soul talk, Angelic Activations, Guided Meditations, fire ceremonies and all the magic that channels in the Now 

Please invite your soul sisters and let us come together with commitment, and powerful intention to pull our resources, energies and light together to co create absolute magic! I AM ready for miracles…Are you?

Our intention is to gather in 13 empowered soul sisters to come together once a month for the next year with powerful intention. Please be open to committing to this sacred circle for the next year. 

I encourage each of you to bring a sacred item to place on our Angel Alter to charge and share healing light over the next year in our sacred space. Please get a special journal to record all wisdom shared over the next year. Water and yoga mat and dress comfortably….invite your soul family to join the magic!

Cost: Only $30 per month
( Tawnya Love will also bless all sisters who commit to our sisterhood circle with a $50 off discount on any One On One Soul Coaching sessions or Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions ♥)

Please email Tawnya Love if your ready to commit to our Empowered Sacred Sisterhood Circle

Infinite Blessings to All Tawnya Love and the Angels


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Top 5 reasons You are NOT manifesting your goals dreams and desires


Here are some of the Top 5 Reasons YOU are NOT manifesting the life of your dreams.

*We humans are constantly talking about how hard it is. I hear client’s daily express…”life is hard!” “Change is so hard” “healing is so difficult or challenging” or “it’s always been this way…this is reality”
Time to Drop the script of talking about what isn’t working and how hard it is…time to shift to a more positive thought flow and focus on what IS working and what we DO LOVE and what we ARE ready to call forth into our new reality!

*Humans have an obsession and need to constantly research the negative. We want to gather everything we can about disease and disaster. We love as a society to focus on what’s wrong.

Great miracles await all of you who shift your focal point to what’s right! When we focus on what’s working we are drawing more of this alignment into our lives.

The opposite of lack is abundance. The opposite of sickness is health. Both of these realities are available for each of us at all times. It is where we hold our focus that is NOW powerfully being attracted into our lives.

*most of us are not present were not really here. The power we seek lies here in this NOW moment! When we are not present we lose power and focus. We often are in robot mode simply reacting to situations rather than observing and choosing from the power of our presence.

We discover that everything we need is right here in the infinite NOW when we hold our focus and bring our consciousness to this timeless Now


*We as humans love to define things and then put what we know in lil boxes and label them as Fact. By claiming we know it all we actually limit and restrict our infinite possibilities. If we cling to what is absolute fact we leave little room for mystery and magic and the new to flow in.

As a healer I have often encountered humans who are struggling. As their angels bring in new wisdom they say “Tawnya I know this stuff I have read every spiritual book”. All they are doing is blocking wisdom and new information to flow in because they Know it already…yet they are struggling.

Wisdom guides us to take in information in the now. To be willing to release anything that is not longer serving us even our egos need to feel we know it all. You may have many degrees and certificates, stacks of books yet be mindful that all you KNOW is not blocking new wisdom and information from flowing in to assist you.

*Our minds are incredibly powerful. We can often create something outside of our minds to be more powerful. Therefore it’s vital that as we call in the new and infinite we open our minds to believe and expect the miracles to arrive. If we believe all this calling forth miracles is crap! That this is spiritual woo woo then YOU will attract evidence to prove your limited viewpoint.

However when we stay open and present to the infinite miracles. With our held focus upon miracles we will attract evidence of infinite blessings and abundance

YOU are powerful YOU yes YOU are so worthy and deserving. And your new reality that you’re calling in now…is 100% up to YOUR focus belief and expectations

If you’re ready to work with a loving intuitive soul coach who truly cares for you. Contact me and let’s set up a life shifting session. I have packages available here on my website.


Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤


Join us tomorrow and Every Monday at 4:00 PM Pacific time for The Tawnya Love Show we will discuss healthy aligned relationships that begin with you and your alignment with Source. And how t maintain this alignment and inspire shifts in your family and friends.  Write or call in live with comments, questions and testimonials. Blessings Tawnya Love ❤


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Clearing the Ego Clearing the Fear

Last night I received a message from a person I have never met in person yet calls them self my Facebook friend. They told me they felt I was gloating in my bio that was recently re posted from Feb. They said they could write my bio better? I tuned in and could feel myself being tested by this individual to betray my own alignment to please them. I refused to allow this beings perspective to shift my own alignment. The reason I share this is because we are being tested at times to go back to the OLD space of pleasing others at the cost of our own alignment. Be aware!

I have powerful gifts of discernment and these gifts and inner knowing have nothing to do with gloating they are simply inner knowing. I often have observed how when a being is rising and daring to shine their light powerfully without apology, many that are not in alignment with their own self worth and love will try to lash out at these rising ones, and try to bring them confusion and worry. Let us all be mindful of our intentions shall we, we are here to SHINE! We are here to challenge and to assist yet I assure you we are not here to submit and bow in fear to anyone!

I had a past life regression last night and saw myself as a pure black jaguar, I was pacing in the rain forest and then sitting patiently waiting. After a powerful night of dream journeying I understand why others at times are threatened by my calm and assertive power. And I see that this fear in them has nothing to do with me. I AM here to lead powerful shifts, I AM leading powerful shifts and I give all and do all from a space of deep reverence, & Love with a humble grateful heart. I know this about my own soul and if others have not opened their eyes to love enough to see and understand my essence that is okay…one day when your ready to see you shall see, when you are ready to align, you shall align, when you are ready to lead with courage and love,you shall rise and lead without apology!

Until this time I stand powerfully in my own alignment and light with the intention of lighting the way for All who are ready to step into the light and ascend. I AM patient and confident in my ability and my soul mission. Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angelic ones 

Please tune in live Monday at 4:00 PM Pacific time with your questions and comments on the Tawnya Love Show at every Monday at 4:00 PM  Please call in or write in with your questions…this is YOUR Show!

Please note that at you can watch past recorded shows in the archives area under my show name…we will connect with you tomorrow live at 4:00 PM pacific loves

Discussion will be about surrendering the Egoic mind and releasing our misaligned conditioning as we evolve into a space of Love and True connection  Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

Also Tomorrow at 1:00 PM Pacific time I will be interviewed by the lovely Rose Ferrachi live on google hangouts…more info soon.

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Upcoming Events hosted by Tawnya Love <3


Blessings Loves,

This week I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know about some awesome life changing events I will be hosting over the next few months. Many of these events are best in person, however Skype is available on a first come first served basis. The Angelic Auric Clearing assistance I am offering is powerful in person or remotely, so if you live far away no worries The angels and I can still assist you in miraculous ways. These sessions must be made over the phone so simply call me at 360.567.7576 or we can Skype. I am happy to answer any questions you may have before hand and then I will explain what you can do to be open and ready for your activation’s and shifts.

You may also email me with questions at to set up a healing session, Angel reading or Intuitive coaching session. Enjoy your Now friends freely fully and joyously!!!

Tawnya Love’s 3 months Healing Mentorship class series begins on March 8th- end of May Skype is available first come first served. Cost $555 with a certificate of completion or drop ins are welcome for $100 per class

Tawnya Love will be offering over the phone Angel Readings for 1/2 off on March 15th from 12:00-6:00 PM

Please call Tawnya Love at  360.567.7576 to set up your session time.

1/2 hr will be only $20

1 hr will only be $40

Tawnya Love is offering a Spring Clearing Special for the month of March for any clients who purchase a full price Angelic Auric Clearing you will receive $50 off your next session for yourself or a Loved one ❤ So please contact Tawnya to set up your session while there are sessions available.

Tawnya Love will also be leading her next Essence of Yoga/Meditation 3 month Teacher training beginning April 12-end of June 2014  This is an intensive mentorship we will meet once a week for 3 hours for a 3 month period.  Students will receive a Certificate of completion at the end. Cost $777 if paid in full by April 12th. Payment plans are available as well as Skype.

To view or purchase Tawnya Love’s Original Artwork please visit her website at  Blessings

Angelic Auric Clearing = MIRACLES

Many have contacted me asking me what Angelic Auric Clearing is. So I have typed this up to explain this simply. I do recommend that you contact me with deeper and more intimate questions. I am happy to answer any questions and would be happy and honored to assist you with your Angelic Auric Clearing just let me know when your ready!


Clearing & Protecting Your Sacred Space with the Angels & Tawnya Love


If you have been feeling bogged down, drained energetically, depression, or any sense of oppression. Then having an Angelic Auric Clearing will be very empowering and a greatly beneficial experience that will clear out any past debris from throughout your lifetimes.


Claiming back your sacred space and aligning fully with the Living Light will create great shifts for you at an energetic level…therefore creating powerful shifts on a physical, mental, and emotional level. The end result is You living in alignment with your highest self, Your God Self. Living fully in the light and allowing the Essence and life force to fully flow through you while supporting you on every level. Body, Mind, and Soul Living in Unity Consciousness. This is a full release from our conditioned behavior of living in fear, shame, guilt and worry…a letting go of the egoic self and all limiting belief systems no longer serving you.


The angels and I work as a powerful team along with many ascended masters and spirit guides. They assist me with this powerful clearing and healing work in miraculous and Life changing ways. During an energy clearing you may feel amazing energy within your mind and body as the angels assist in raising your vibration to a higher dimension. You will feel a deep sense of peace and calm, as the angels clear away all fear and emotional cords attached to others that are no longer serving your highest well being and health. We work in higher dimensional spaces so clients often express that they feel out of their bodies, and as if their bodies were lovingly being held down, while their spirits rise higher. You literally are in a higher dimension, and in essence out of your 3 dimensional body for this healing work. When you return to your physical form at the end of a session, you will return with a greater awareness, healings that manifest at a cellular and subtle body level. And a sense of higher vibrations as if you could soar!

Benefits of Angelic Auric Clearing:

~As you clear all the past debris away that is draining you, you will feel more empowered and connected to your highest purpose and true self.


~You will learn to create healthy boundaries for yourself in all of your relationships.


~You will learn how to call in the angels and your guides to assist you in healing, and firing up your chakras for balance and maintenance of your energy system.


~You will learn how to raise your own vibration and choose your frequency that you emit, rather than have other energies manipulate you.


~You will claim back your power and all soul parts that have splintered away as you clear out unneeded energies and call in your soul parts you’ve lost in traumas throughout lifetimes.


The angels and I are here to assist all those ready for this powerful life changing Clearing work. For those ready to end suffering, for everyone who desires a healthy connection with the Divine, for every family that is ready to align their energies for the good of the group in a Holy and Unified way.


Please call if you have any questions. This healing work can be offered in person or remotely with permission from your highest self. There are no boundaries of time and space for the angels with this healing work.


A one on one session for Angelic Auric Clearing is a Sliding scale of $150.00-200.00 or 5 sessions for $666.00 with a complimentary bonus session (sessions can be used for Life Coaching, Auric Clearing, or Angel Readings)

Tawnya is available for group events, if you’d like to schedule an Angel Gathering at your place of business  

Please contact Tawnya Love at:  or Call 360.567.7576

Please find me on Face Book under Tawnya Love or Like my business page “Divinely Inspired Healing & Art from the Heart” My artist website is

My Angel Blog is

~This healing work is my souls highest calling, purpose and joy! I am assisting in healing many on the planet while cultivating lasting and beautiful friendships and great abundance. I as well as all I connect with are being greatly blessed and rewarded in Love and Light~Image

Please let me know how I may serve you, Namaste Tawnya Love

The Power of Love

What is power for you? What do you identify as your source of strength and power? How do you connect with your infinite power and strength? Power can be seen from many different perspectives and angles. Yet, is there one focal point in which we can all agree? Power in essence is an energy that can be felt and I believe shared with a clear intention.


I have observed many seeking power form all different sources of external creations, from money, fame, control, status, race, and even sex. However the only true source of power I have felt connected with comes from what I like to refer to as “Source”. Some refer to this as God, or Spirit, the Divine and many other names. I personally don’t feel it’s at all important what we name this eternal presence and energy. However I do feel that from observation, it is those that connect with this Source and open to its presence that are most aligned, alive, and happy.


As an intuitive healer and assistant to the Angels, Ascended Masters and many spiritual guides. I have placed all my trust, goodness and well being in Source, and it has served me well. This took a great amount of awareness on my end, and many years of cultivating a deep trust in the divine. I feel it is our inner voice, or as many refer to as intuition that is Source speaking through us. As we heal our wounded ness, and release our shame and fears and allow ourselves to fully connect again. We have the opportunity to tap into this Divine life spring of knowledge, Love, and healing light and this will benefit us as well as all we connect with.


I feel it is time for a Great Shift, a moving away from separation, and the need to control others, and a moving into Unity Consciousness, connection and trust. This trust must begin first in a trust of the Divine, and a deep connection to the wise counselor within, our intuition. All Love will blossom from a deep sense of Self Love, and all trust will open from a deep feeling of inner trust and alignment.


The Power we have the opportunity to connect with can come from an inexhaustible, infinite source. And when we have the courage and wisdom to tap into this True Source of power, Anything is truly possible!


How do you find ways to strengthen your intuition? What do you do each day to honor the wise voice of spirit within yourselves?


  Blessings, & Namaste~


Tawnya Love & the Angelic Ones



Coming Home


Our deep desire of striving in order to acquire something that exists outside of ourselves, is connected to our inner innate desire to remember ourselves and our deeper purpose for being. Our journey with yoga is simply an inner journey that will guide us to the very essence of our existence with the Divine. Our search for inner happiness within each of our hearts is the search for this true nature that we already are.

Blessings sweet souls as your enjoy your journey back to the beauty of your highest and true nature~ See you on the mat soon Namaste

Awakening Consciousness

I am so thankful for all the clients that have recently paid me for past services…Many think I am crazy because I will help anyone, I will never allow money to hold back someones healing if they are ready…I also understand that many when they come to me are lost, confused and broken, they reside in poverty consciousness and its what they know at that moment…however I trust that the powerful healing and clearing work that the angels and I assist with will help them, will shift them into unity and abundance consciousness (and it is)…and I trust them to honor me and pay me when they are able. I am clear with my rates and my service for the light~

Yes I have had some take advantage of my kindness and move along, but I am happy to say that most people I have assisted have kept their word and honored me. I focus upon these shining souls and have hope for the others to come around in their own time of awareness…I am being the change I wish for in this world!

We all have the choice to Love and assist others with Love, that is about our journey, our karma. What others do with that Love, honor and assistance is about them, and their karma. Blessings to you all, wherever you are in your current consciousness ~