The Power of Love

What is power for you? What do you identify as your source of strength and power? How do you connect with your infinite power and strength? Power can be seen from many different perspectives and angles. Yet, is there one focal point in which we can all agree? Power in essence is an energy that can be felt and I believe shared with a clear intention.


I have observed many seeking power form all different sources of external creations, from money, fame, control, status, race, and even sex. However the only true source of power I have felt connected with comes from what I like to refer to as “Source”. Some refer to this as God, or Spirit, the Divine and many other names. I personally don’t feel it’s at all important what we name this eternal presence and energy. However I do feel that from observation, it is those that connect with this Source and open to its presence that are most aligned, alive, and happy.


As an intuitive healer and assistant to the Angels, Ascended Masters and many spiritual guides. I have placed all my trust, goodness and well being in Source, and it has served me well. This took a great amount of awareness on my end, and many years of cultivating a deep trust in the divine. I feel it is our inner voice, or as many refer to as intuition that is Source speaking through us. As we heal our wounded ness, and release our shame and fears and allow ourselves to fully connect again. We have the opportunity to tap into this Divine life spring of knowledge, Love, and healing light and this will benefit us as well as all we connect with.


I feel it is time for a Great Shift, a moving away from separation, and the need to control others, and a moving into Unity Consciousness, connection and trust. This trust must begin first in a trust of the Divine, and a deep connection to the wise counselor within, our intuition. All Love will blossom from a deep sense of Self Love, and all trust will open from a deep feeling of inner trust and alignment.


The Power we have the opportunity to connect with can come from an inexhaustible, infinite source. And when we have the courage and wisdom to tap into this True Source of power, Anything is truly possible!


How do you find ways to strengthen your intuition? What do you do each day to honor the wise voice of spirit within yourselves?


  Blessings, & Namaste~


Tawnya Love & the Angelic Ones



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