Living in Alignment, Living in Love

Okay friends the subject today is Integrity, I know many of us don’t want to pay attention to this , because it makes us uncomfortable if we are living out of alignment. However I assure you, if you live in alignment with what you say, and what you actually do, YOU will benefit in amazing miraculous ways…If you give your word to someone or to yourself in any way and then live out of alignment with that,YOU suffer and can create negative experiences for others as well that were counting on you to honor your word.

Many of us are wanting a magical solution for healing the suffering of this world, yet I assure you that each one of us Are the solution we are seeking. Live in alignment and Honor what you say and You and the world will thrive. It really is this simple.

We don’t need new belief systems, New rules, or technology to shift this world…we simply need to live in alignment with our souls and live with integrity…You may think you pulled one over on someone and got away with something, took advantage of them and got off easy. Yet I assure you this energy you put out will be swinging back around to greet you, be it joyous or suffering…so practice mindfulness and live in alignment and integrity and just watch how magically your life shifts and how others are attracted to you. Blessings and Namaste~

If this post made you feel uncomfortable in any way, ask yourself why? Check in and listen to the wisdom wanting to help you in powerful ways. And take action that helps you honor what you’ve spoken to othersImage

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