Protect Our Sea Life Protect Our Planet

Protect Our Sea Life Protect Our Planet

Today I woke up w a heavy heart. Ever since my Auric clearing for earth mother I’ve felt it. As I lay in my bed glancing out the window looking at the sunny sky and beautiful trees and birds it all was released. I began crying and I allowed the tears to flow for all of the beings that are suffering because of human’s misaligned living. I could feel the suffering within me and grief for animals and species that are dying right now because of humans.

I sat quietly as I spoke and listened to earth mother asking what more I could do. How can I efficiently help awaken the humans in time? Asking if we can still reverse this and how to do so. Source has shown me from a higher perspective that our earth is just like our bodies. If we have poison in our veins and do nothing to clear the poison eventually those toxins will flow throughout our entire body and we become sick or perish. Earth Mother is being poisoned and the oceans are carrying that poison to our rivers, and the veins of the earth will carry these toxins throughout the earth body. Unless we contain this poison and stop further abuse. This is not in theory, this IS happening right now on our planet. This should be important to all of us because in the end it has the potential to affect all of us. We can help, we can come together and many are, to assist with healing and clearing these toxins. To stop further abuse of our planet and to speak up and not turn a blind eye hoping it will just go away. Look at the relationship issues in your lives; look at the issues in your body. If you do nothing to shift and assist the health and alignment of your relationship or body there are consequences. It’s time for all of us to wake up!

So as I allowed the tears to flow and sent love to the ocean creatures, the polar bears, the seals, fish, dolphins, whales and all that are suffering and dying I pledged to give all I am to protect and awaken this planet One aligned aware soul at a time. You’re awakening and living with integrity and alignment is important for the whole, do you see this?

We must awaken and release the need to be enslaved. We must all consciously choose our alliances and stand up and take action to assist those who are counting on us to hear their silent cries. Because in case any of you forgot we all live on this planet and if the ocean is being poisoned it won’t be long before these toxins affect us. Please open your eyes, your hearts and your minds and have the courage to live with alignment it is so needed. Rise up and remember who you are and ask Source daily “How may I serve?” enjoy the stillness and allow the solutions and guidance to rise from within.
I encourage you all to let go of serving the master of fear and greed and rise up and serve the light and unite your energies powerfully so that we may assist our beloved planet and her beautiful and sacred living beings. I’m pretty sure if it was we who were slowly dying we’d hope someone would listen and offer us help. May we all awaken and see our powerful and important roles as stewards of this earth, and not possessors of the planet.

Nothing is more important than this urgent call no amount of money or fame will matter without a healthy planet to live on…please expand your vision and rise up! To all of the sea creatures and animals that are suffering, I am so very sorry I love you and I will do all I can to help you. Please forgive us.

Namaste Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

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