Sweet Surrender


I observe so many humans struggling day to day, trying to Make it happen. So many humans pushing, forcing, controlling their own life as well as others. Why do we humans behave in this way? What causes us to want to control another? What makes us feel we must constantly make things happen? And are we even happy as we behave in these ways? For years I have often enjoyed approaching people and situations as the observer. I learn so much from simply observing the behaviors of others. I have chosen to live a life of integrity, honor and alignment for my own soul’s health and happiness, and it has made all the difference. One of the key ingredients I feel is vital for health, joy peace, Love and success is Surrender.


What is surrender? Surrender is to give one’s self over to a higher power. Weather you believe in a God or not it is vital to be open to a greater source of intelligence power and connection. To honor the life force of this infinite universe and to allow this living energy to assist you, carry you and support you. As you check in with yourself on this idea of a living life force that is eternally here to assist you, what feelings come up for you? Do you feel a sense of trust and support in this universe? Or do you feel you’re all alone and that you and you alone must make it happen? Do you feel you are loved and supported? Or is there a deep sense of survival operating within you?  Are you moving and living with trust or is fear making all of your decisions…what we are aligning with makes all the difference. What we believe about ourselves is calling everything else to us enjoyable or un enjoyable.

Tuning into our deeper unconscious feelings, ideas and belief systems is a wonderful place to begin any inner journey. As we look deeply within we have the beautiful opportunity to truly SEE and KNOW ourselves. All greater awareness begins with the awareness of self. If we are constantly looking “out there”, and blaming “them” or passing judgment we will evolve very slowly. However when we turn inward and gaze deeply “in here” wisdom will be found.  The art of surrender is a powerful act, one that is very natural for our soul yet terrifies the ego. If we are to grow, evolve, learn and expand we must be willing to listen to and honor the soul. Surrender is a powerful action in honoring the soul, and can make all the difference in your life’s journey.

I have personally grown so much and truly enjoyed that growth after I discovered the power of surrender and living in trust. It is my soul’s intention to lead and inspire others who are open and ready in living in alignment and in trust. I welcome you to join us today on our live show at 4:00 PM Pacific time on www.thetawnyaloveshow.com we will be discussing the power of surrender and living with greater honor joy and reverence. I encourage you to call or write in live with your comments, your observations and questions.  I salute you All wherever it is you are at consciously at this time and wish you a life of greater joy, Love, connection and trust~

Infinite Blessings Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤





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