Spiritual Alignment for Health, Wealth and Happiness

Spiritual Alignment for Health, Wealth and Abundance

From Our space of alignment, all beneficial behavior will be inspired; in this space beautiful things will unfold and flow with great ease. The more at ease we feel, the less resistance we attach ourselves to, the more easily our energy naturally flows. In this space of ease, your cells of your body find perfect health and balance.

When we are Not in alignment with Source,  we can still use will power to Make things happen and motivate ourselves into action, however this is often unpleasant and not as efficient a way to channel and direct our energy. This way of Making things happen is relatively unproductive and often exhausting.

It is Truth that once you discover the the leverage that alignment offers-and the ease of flowing and allowing available for each of you-you will turn from ever wanting to Make it happen again.  There is a Huge difference in allowing your natural well-being and Making yourself well.

auric clearing

As you allow the natural rhythm that consistent alignment offers you, you will notice how you naturally FEEL better physically, how you naturally have great energy flowing in to support your goals dreams and desires.  You will notice a shift in your natural enthusiasm and passion for life.  You will notice how you naturally FEEL more active and desire flow, rather than trying to be more active to get things done. But rather allowing the passion and energy to move through you inspiring you into action because you want to take action, not because you FEEL you have to.  All prior feelings of being overwhelmed and Making things happen, all FEELINGS of struggle will fall away and New FEELINGS of Passion and Excitement and Eagerness will flow in. You will no longer FEEL so exhausted that you feel you constantly have to rest and recharge, you will passionately FEEL ignited with passion to GET OUT INTO THE WORLD!!!

Moment by moment, day by day, as you release all resistance, you will reconnect with the passion and energy you were born to embody. As your spirit lifts and your physical stamina and energy improves-the very cells within your body will be thriving as well.

This New FEEL GOOD attitude will not only be an indication of the improvement in your physical body-it is the very reason for the shift. The Better and happier you FEEL, the less hindrance you are to your cellular body.

Most humans have it backward. Most want to FEEL good in their body so that then they can finally be happy. But in truth the secret is to BE Happy NOW-no matter the condition of your body- and then the physical well-being must flow to you and through you!

Please contact me if your ready to work with a Intuitive healer and Soul Coach that is committed to assisting you back into your power and natural alignment with ease and grace!

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and The Angels ❤






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