Our Presence is our ulitmate gift

Greetings beautiful soul family,

Today as I opened my eyes to welcome in this brand new day, I felt Source channeling wisdom through on the power of our presence and wanted to share this insight with each of you. Last night my family and I watched Seven Years in Tibet, an older film with a powerful message for anyone that may be interested I watching it. This film takes you on a journey with a very lost and frightened man played by Brad Pitt. What I love about this film is how it teaches very visually the dangers and arrogance of living a misaligned ego driven life. Yet it also guides one in what steps can be taken to shift such a life into a purposeful aligned and fulfilling life.

The film begins with Brad Pitt’s character heading off on a great mountain climbing expedition and shows how cold and detached he is with his wife who is expecting their first child. From my perspective I immediately felt this characters fear and I knew he was running away. To those not looking deeply, they may have seen a very accomplished climber just doing his job. Yet his wife felt the truth and with this choice came some big choices for all. During the film we basically observe as Brad Pitts character is cold, arrogant, hateful, stingy, and straight up out of alignment. We see how living in such a way can not only be dangerous for the one out of alignment, but can ripple out and affect the lives of those nearby as well. There is a scene where Brad Pitt’s character falls and injures himself pretty severely. Yet his ego can’t admit that, so he rushes by saying he will lead. His partner asks if he injured himself on the fall and he says he’s fine it was just a scratch. Basically this lie almost costs them both of their lives, when Brad Pitt’s character struggles to hold his friends weight because of his injury. I personally have lived with such humans in my life, humans refusing to SEE that something needed to shift in their lives and showing little reverence in how their misaligned actions affected those close to them.

As the film progresses these two men are arrested and imprisoned for a while and ultimately Brad Pitt’s character struggles with his choice of abandoning his wife and son that he never met. Another win from the fearful ego which loves to seduce humans in directions from fear and then haunt you with those choices so that you never feel true peace or presence. Something he ran from now becomes his obsession and regret that causes him deep pain.

There are many wonderful insightful moment’s in this film, but one of my favorite moments that stood out to me as a message of the overall film is when Brad Pitts character meets this beautiful Tibetan woman he wants to impress. He isn’t at all paying attention to her, he simply wants her to pay attention to him. Ego at play once again! There is a moment he pulls out his journal to show her all of his newspaper clippings of his famous climbs. What she says is so simple, beautiful and powerful. She tells him, that his culture celebrates the man who pushes his way to the top. Her culture celebrates the man who abandons his ego. I love this!!! I agree with this woman’s insight, I observe all around me humans that celebrate those who push their way to the so called destination of “the top” often with little care of regard to those they are climbing over.

angel light

What if, we all took a deep breath and connected with this moment right here? What if we all woke up and realized that there is no such thing as any destination that can save us? No such thing as enough fame, or money, or recognition. No such place that we must climb to, to be enough, what if we all realized…We Are enough right now! Can you imagine the profound shifts that would occur across the planet? Suddenly humans would stop competing and comparing to each other and they would bow in honor and reverence for each other’s beauty and divinity. Suddenly parents would actually listen to their children or spouses. We’d see each other with love and honor rather than constantly feeling fear about what someone may do to us, or take from us, or need from us. We’d stop Running!

What a beautiful new “reality” we have the opportunity to co create with the simplicity of our presence. Ahhhh just close your eyes and just feel the truth in that statement. Now open your eyes, really open them and begin to SEE from the eyes of Love. SEE all the beauty around you, with in you, all the abundance all the goodness. Be One with it, no need to run away any longer…just BE One with this moment surrender to it fully. And simply BE here Now.

Here’s to wishing you all a beautiful peaceful playful day of presence. For those who would like to come connect in the Now with us. Join us today on TheTawnyaLoveShow.com as I interview Comedian and Mental Health care activist Ian Gutoskie Today (Sunday) at 5 PM Pacific time. Log in with your name and join our live chat!

Have a beautiful magical day sweet soul family, Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels



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