The Insanity of Humanity with Intutive healer Tawnya Love and the Angels

Greetings Beautiful soul family,

Today was a beautiful magical flowing day of serving other’s. I ignited this day first w self love time (kick boxing, a walk w my sweet Honey Girl, a nice peaceful breakfast) then gave to other’s the rest of the day fully, freely and joyously.

As I enjoyed connecting deeply with my yoga teacher training client we had the most magical conversation and yoga practice time. We enjoyed pranayama and meditation. Today I Received a beautiful heartfelt compliment from my client. He has had years of collage in order to become a successful Dr. Spent years chasing the carrot of the ego.

Today he opens up to me w such vulnerability sharing how it was all complete bullshit. How so much of his life he felt if he received this award or this honor or this degree he’d finally be “enough” yet when it was all said and done he felt anxious, exhausted, frustrated and angry.

I see him with such honor as I see how long he spent chasing and living out of alignment. Yet I SEE him now fully committed to the path of alignment and awareness, dedicated to improving himself not for egoic reasons or empty rewards but for the simple satisfaction of a life well lived.

I bow with honor to any soul that can open up w such vulnerability and truth. So much Love for the self aware soul that often has had one hell of a journey to reach deep within and tap into such wisdom. As I shared with my client

wisdom from the film “Seven Years in Tibet” he said he could relate so much with Brad Pitts character and struggle. Yet here he is in his 50’s fully committed to truth, alignment and the aligned path. Finally after so many selfish egoic years of struggling and suffering he steps in dedicated to loving himself and assisting other’s in loving themselves.

Today after hours of high vibrational soul conversation he looks at me and says, “Tawnya I understand so much of what you say, I feel the truth inside of myself. Yet I am no where near your level of awareness and wisdom.” I bowed to him for such honor and reverence and thanked him and reminded him that I am simply a mirror of all the beautiful wisdom and awareness that is bubbling up within him.

japanese garden

“The insanity of humanity is to abandon the peace of this present moment, forever seeking the unknown of a future moment in hopes of salvation.” ~ Tawnya Love and the Angels

I seriously LOVE my blessed, beautiful, magical fulfilling life…Thank You to All of the ones who assisted me in cultivating such strength, gentleness, awareness, wisdom and compassion I Love You All…I Am One with You

Blessings, ♡ Tawnya Love and the Angels

It is time for each of us to cultivate great inner strength, time for us to stop seeking our answers, joy, energy and guidance from outside and turn inward. Here is a beautiful and powerful affirmation for all who are ready.

“My intention is to fully integrate my inner strength and wisdom into my everyday life. I now embrace adversity as an opportunity for great growth and transformation.”

“My Intention is to fully honor myself by making a deep commitment to developing my unique talents and becoming the expert that Divinity has called upon me to Be.”


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Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels

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