How may I Serve? Mothers Day Specials

What a gorgeous New Day!!!! So grateful to be offering blissful aromatherapy healing touch sessions today I Adore giving them. These make a wonderful thoughtful gift please consider working with me for your mothers day gift needs I have many options your mommas are sure to ❤ It’s Always a great day to show your mothers how much you care for all they give.

I will soon be offering this training for couples. If you desire to ignite the passion and connection in your relationship lease contact me to set up a private couples aromatherapy healing touch training a treat you can both offer each other weekly

Great workshop for life partners, best friends, sisters, or mothers and daughters ♡

I LOVE Serving others, I truly deeply do! I thoroughly enjoy offering Angelic Auric Clearing assistance and Aromatherapy healing touch sessions so sooooo much I adore observing the shifts in my clients in just one session they look lighter, happier and more at ease. ☆♡☆


Grateful beyond words to be an aligned loving healing assistant for the Light. THANK YOU ANGELS ♡

Who is ready for some deep self love bliss? How may I serve and assist you? 

Wishing you All a blissful abundant day! Tawnya Love & the Angels

Thank you for following us on Your Tube under Tawnya Angel and for following our blog here! We appreciate your Love and Support in spreading out opportunities and messages Thank You ❤

Tawnya Love Advertising photo

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