Unconditional Love is our highest calling will you answer?

I am feeling inspired to share from my heart on something very important. I observe humans often projecting their opinions upon others not from a space of love and acceptance but from a position of right and wrong. In my heart and soul I understand deeply the importance of Self Love as well as compassion for others. If we wish to inspire greater shifts in humanity we must begin with ourselves. If we are hatefully protecting rigid belief systems upon others we will simply co co-create more hatred. Yet if we can align ourselves and stay centered we can observe others choosing from a wide variety of choices and allow them the freedom to do so.

It is interesting to observe how whether it’s someone religiously projecting what God is correct, or if it’s a spiritual person projecting the correct rules for healing…it’s the same dogmatic way of living. We must go higher than our conditioned human love which is very conditional and open ourselves to truly embodying the Christ consciousness which is unconditional love, compassion and deep acceptance of all life.

I observe many who want this given to them, yet I also observe how they withhold it if they feel others are unworthy of their love, compassion or acceptance. This is the recipe for suffering and not at all loving. I realize many will take from this expression what they want to, and if this wisdom is deeply needed within, many will reject it. But that is ok. In my heart it felt important to express this wisdom and I will never go silent again for anyone. I shall remain transparent, honest, open and loving regardless of what others choose to share in return because how anyone else chooses to treat us is not about us, it’s about them.

I hold great Love and Light within myself and See this Love and Light within others just ready to be released…What do you say humanity? How about a deep unconditional love shift? Enough with the rigid rules, anger, public lashing out, isolation and separation agendas…they are all birthed from fear, from ego and nothing beautiful can ever blossom under such conditions. We are all ONE therefore it would serve us greatly to open up and accept each other unconditionally rather than constantly looking for ways to create separation from our fearful lil’ egos.

~Infinite Blessings Tawnya Love ​and the Angels ❤


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