Trusting our inner knowing

Blessings beautiful awakening soul family,

You are invited to come join us today at 5 PM Pacific on as we connect with spirit on the importance of honoring inner feeling/knowing. The angels have been channeling the importance of this powerful tool of discernment for some time now. I am being guided to discuss this important topic again for all of you that are ready t shift and find greater alignment with your Source connection.

I welcome you to come join the live discussion, first caller will receive a complimentary reading over the phone. Please call into 919.518.9773 or via Skype at compters2kvoice we look forward t connecting with you.

On another note we are accepting aligned businesses to advertise on our shows and network. If you or anyone are interested please contact Tawnya Love at

Have a blessed and present day! See you Live at 5 today Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤ (I have some awesome Mothers Day specials contact me)


Tawnya Love Advertising photo

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