Client Healing Testimonial

Soooo grateful for the Miracles spirit works through us when we stay centered in unconditional Love ♡ our highest calling

So grateful to have booked several healing sessions today. Right after speaking my truth of living in complete trust and surrender. Like a beautiful gift of confirmation from my Source. THANK YOU

I am so honored to assist the loving aware soul’s who are done with suffering and enslavement. I am here to Shine and light a New aligned way and I LOVE assisting those who are ready to clear away the old out moded programs no longer serving them… whooo hoooo ♡
Are You Done Suffering and Struggling yet sweet humans??? If so I am ready to assist as your loving centered connected and aligned guide…Step In!!!!

Make that commitment for positive shifts Now and join us tonight from 6-8 pm for some empowering conscious creation meditation time

Client Testimonial:
“I recently enjoyed an aromatherapy healing touch session with Tawnya Love. I have a really hard time relaxing usually and I totally fell asleep during our session. I could feel Tawnya healing me with her energy, she is very magical and connected you can just feel it. Afterward I felt so relaxed and the room and my body smelled amazing. I am scheduling these session with her every couple weeks from now on they are amazing and she is an amazing gift to the world. I encourage anyone who needs to unwind and de-stress to come see Tawnya for a healing session. I have also worked with her and had angelic auric healings as well and they are awesome you’d have to experience these as they are beyond my ability to even express in words. Thank you Tawnya for all you do for others and for helping me heal so much in my life.” ~RE

Ready to schedule your own one on one Angelic Auric Clearing session? I can assist remotely or in person I am ready when you are!!! Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤ Sundays
Live at 5 Pm Pacific Join us Tis Sunday as we discuss entities, ghosts and protecting your sacred space
360.567.7576 Call me with any questions


  1. Husband · May 8, 2015

    I love you!!!!!

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