Angel Reading Parties with Intutitve Healer Tawnya Love and the Angels

Ok sweet soul’s I’ve been getting asked if I teach and offer angel readings/clearings and past life regression anywhere other than my home. Here’s what the Angels have inspired me to offer all of you who are ready. (local clients) Skype parties are available for remote clients

I am going to offer Angel Reading parties!!! You gather 10 or more friends and I will come to your sacred space and offer one on one readings. I can also offer past life readings or regression parties and any workshops you and your friends are curious about. Simply contact me Tawnya Love​ at 360.567.7576

You can discuss what your ready to learn about and gather your friends/soul tribe together and the Angels and I will come assist you in your sacred space ♡

Email me at or Call and let’s set up a fun event!

For any of you working for schools or businesses that are interested in this I can offer readings at your next business function or school party!!!

Thank You for reposting this to your friends or business partners walls ♡ blessings

angel readings

Tawnya Love ad photo 3

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