Past Life regression with Intuitive heaer Tawnya Love and the Angels (in person or remote via Skpye)

I love doing readings for beautiful appreciative soul’s. Enjoyed the afternoon on the grass in the sunshine assisting spirit in helping a deserving soul with deep insight and confirmation.

Then my soul sister Eileen tags me on a video of Africa and she’s says “isn’t this heaven Tawnya Love?”

What’s so awesome about this very synchronistic moment is that earlier my Angels were sharing a past life that I lived and we’re helping me understand myself better. I was shown that I was a chief in Ghana Africa in the Asante tribe. Over 10,000 years old!!! I look Damn good for my age haha


Interestingly our tribes were not into scaring or tattooing. Which makes sense as to why I have a strong aversion to tattoos or any form of body mutilation. Apparently at one time our tribe was the mightiest of all tribes in Africa. Our tribe had a strong connection with those who had left their human form. Makes sense as to why my gifts of mediumship are so strong and why I have no fear of spirits, in fact I feel a comfort in knowing for instance that my dad’s spirit assists our family behind the scenes.

As a sacred drummer I was considered a messenger of God. And truly in every fiber of my being I Love drumming, love the sounds, the vibrations the rythm and power. We were a proud and cultivated tribe. This is where my Regal and confident demeanor stem from, way back! At least in human times my soul has bounced back and forth between realms often returning to Earth to assist again and again.

My guides say that people have a sense of royalty connected with me, not that I look down upon anyone or feel superior it’s just that I have a strong unshakable calm and confidence. True!!!

Our tribe was huge on integrity and alignment which cracks me up because if you watch any of my shows I have spoken powerfully and publicly for over a year on Alignment, authenticity and integrity Now I have a greater understanding of how deep that is in my own essence.

My Angels explain that it is Not in my nature or creation to follow blindly just for the sake of fitting in. That I was created thousands of years ago (well when I first inhabited a human form) to lead and light the way. My soul’s signature is all about aligned, authentic empowered living.

They assure me which I know to be truth, that though I know myself to be of high consciousness and very important, I would never turn my back on anyone in need. That it is my very nature to take a stand to darkness and injustice and support the underdog…Hells Yessss!!!


They assure me that there is a special and powerful light to me that I share openly with others…also spot on true!

My soul is most closely connected w the sun and like the sun I love and feel most comfortable at the center of things. Though I am a natural leader, I lead with a calm cool collective approach. Never Loud pushy or demanding. Also true.

They share that though I at times resist roles of leadership I will often find myself assisting as a silent leader anyways. My greatest strength is my connection with the light and my great unshakable courage. I lead in this alignment to show other’s the way, it brings my soul great satisfaction to Liberate and empower soul’s. TRUTH!!!!

I am not easily intimidated or controlled and if I witness unjust energies I will be the first to point them out. Heck yes! At times lower vibrational humans that fear the intensity of my light may dislike me, shame me or try to reject me….I will speak openly, honestly and bluntly regardless. Yet my Angels know I will speak with Love and compassion and that the truth I bring is always for the betterment and realignment of a hurting soul. Most humans who desire truth will admire my straightforward approach and will show me the honor my soul deserves. I had to learn not to take the fear full ones actions or energies personally. Ohhhh yesss

I am not at all one to look for petty faults, I often overlook humans misalignment for awhile before addressing them. And if I address them it is because at some level they have called the light in. It is never my desire to harm anyone, nor will I stand by and ignore a soul living in such ways that cause themselves or other’s destruction and suffering.

I am very romantic and sensitive with a deep love for life and nature. In essence I come back time and again as a protector of this planet. Many may feel my aura of being deeply sensual, poetic and complex. Many can feel intimidated by my complexity and try to silence me….good luck with that!

I am a highly evolved soul, with a love of anything sacred, creative or Love centered. Absolutely true!

My past life w the Asante of Ghana has cultivated great beauty, compassion and sympathy within me. Though I am very self aware and know my own power, I also can identify with the plight and struggles of other’s. This is a strength that assists me as a powerful healer and intuitive. When a being has gained my attention and shown themselves worthy of my affection, I am an exceptionally adoring partner. Very true! In essence I am a very calm, centered and balanced being with more than a little important wisdom to share.

Thank You Angels for your guidance and assistance in remembering important aspects of my being I Love you!!! ♡

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