Past Life REgression Workshop with Intutive Healer Tawnya Love and the Angels <3

Todays the magical day for peering back into our past lives. If your curious and intrigued to understand how your past can affect your Now as well as future come join us. Calling forth a magical blessed and abundant day Angels Summon those who are ready in for great transformational shifts! Today 4-7ish

Thanks for reposting Tawnya Love and the Angels heart emoticon

208 NE 117th Street Vancouver, WA 98685

cost: $30-60 Suggested Sliding Scale Love Offering In person or Skype are available

past lives

Why would tuning into your past lives be beneficial for you? How can remembering hidden memories from our past empower us in our life now? What is the energetic pattern you are ready to clear form you life now? Who were you in the past and how is this information useful for you now? Did you know important people from this life in a past life and who were they? What lessons did you gather from your past lives? Come join us in a safe cozy fun setting with other spiritual seekers ready to gather empowering wisdom in this sacred circle.

Please dress comfy, bring a water bottle and a journal and pen to record your past life memories…and bring a friend or loved one to join you. To schedule a one on one Skype or phone session call Tawnya Love at 360.567.7576 or email at

Infinite Blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels ❤

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