“Releasing Judgment” with Intuitve Healer Tawnya Love and the Angels


The Angels and I invite you all to join us in high vibrational conversation Live Today (Sunday) at 5 PM Pacific on TheTawnyaLoveShow.com as e discuss the subject below~

Have you observed how as humans we are conditioned and taught to judge? We are taught to judge ourselves as well as to judge other’s. We are raised from birth to do this and it’s socially not only acceptable but encouraged.

Many religions actually teach that it is beneficial to judge ourselves and Boom you got it, to judge other’s who don’t do what we say is acceptable. We are taught there is a right way and wrong way for everything…think about it! If I spell a word on this post incorrectly or don’t use proper punctuation ohhhh no judgment time!

From my observation as a soul having a human experience, I see that depending on where your born and raised you will be trained (conditioned) to obey a certain set of rules, laws and judgments. Many born in one country wilI be taught to hate and judge and distrust other’s born in a different skin, different religious club or culture. Some teach that being wealthy makes you acceptable or worthy, then another teaches being poor is the way, so give it all away. Others teach one gender to be superior to another, the list goes on and on and on.

My point with this expression is to nudge anyone who may be tuning in and interested to open your eyes, not just your physical eyes. Open your spiritual eyes to truly SEE w clarity and understanding.


As we align with the infinite eternal light beings/soul’s that we are. We have the opportunity to SEE in a much clearer way where judgments aren’t necessary.

Our families, our society, our churches, our clubs, our moms group or men’s group, the media, our friendships constantly conditioning us to judge ourselves and one another. And you better believe that after enough self judgment you’ll feel it’s time to start projecting that judgment externally onto other’s.

The very essence of this conditioning is destructive and creates great suffering. And the beauty is that it’s all completely unnecessary. It’s as if many humans truly believe that judgment is necessary to being a human. I feel it’s the opposite it’s prison to our soul’s.

As spirit we are here to learn from our physical experience, to overcome this strategic conditioning of limitations and judgments. We are not our body, we are not our minds, or our race, or religion, we are not our belief systems, or clubs, nor are we are job title, or possessions. We are in essence spirit, light, consciousness however you’d like to express it.

All of the above are aspects of our survival, yet they are not who we are nor should they define us or create a sense of separateness. Each one of us will draw forth unique experiences for our own soul growth and expansion. What one soul needs may not at all be what another soul needs to learn, grow and understand, yet we all will experience in a way we need for our growth.


This is so vital for humanity to really grasp this understanding. As so many soul’s are suffering on our planet from lifetime’s of being conditioned into judgmental systems. These judgments are like prison for their soul’s. So many humans hating themselves because they struggle to measure up to other’s expectations and judgments. Then they begin to hate other’s for also failing in this judgment based system of enslavement.

As an intuitive Angelic healer I see, hear and feel angels, auras, spirits of loved ones who’ve left their physical bodies. Not everyone is experiencing this I’ve learned, I am not crazy or weird because I am experiencing this. And you are not crazy, weird, better or worse than me if you are not experiencing this.

Do you get my point? We are all here curious and gifted with our own unique treasures. We all have magic to share and to be honored. When we release judgements we can fully access and enjoy these gifts and even help guide other’s to greater understanding from our unique experiences. No one is superior, no one is inferior, all are unique and special and all are One in a shared vast consciousness.


The reason spirit speaks these truths through me so often is because many of you are suffering, your hurting and thrashing about in your own self created as well as conditioned prisons. I am here dedicating my life as a humble and focused messenger why? Because I know in every fiber of my being that as each of you can clear away and unlearn soooo much conditioning sooo much judgement, that oneday you’ll be free, feel free and live with true freedom and liberation. And you will offer this gift to your brother’s, sister’s, animals, and nature. can you imagine such a world? A world where we don’t have to hate anyone because they choose different life experiences. Where we don’t have to build ourselves up or put other’s down. We can all take a much needed and deserved huge breath of relief and enjoy Being us, whatever that may be showing up like.

For any of you who would like to mentor with a soul who’s 100% dedicated to this global shift as I assist and serve one soul at a time or thousands this is my soul’s highest mission. It is Time beautiful deserving soul’s time to release the conditioning and judgment, to release your need to create seperatness, time to Love and fully accept yourselves just for being You!

To schedule an in person or remote one on one Soul Coaching or Angelic Auric Clearing session give me a call I am ready when You are!

Infinite blessings Tawnya Love and the Angels

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