When Spirit and Science harmonize with Intuitive healer Tawnya Love

Today during our Essence of Yoga Meditation teacher training one of my students is a Dr. And he works w patients that suffer from anxiety, depression and addiction. He uses Bio feedback to help them see how they can shift their energetic reality w their own coherence and presence. Buddhist monks have been know to be able to shift their mental readings after years of consistent meditation.

So today my client brings his scientific gear over after having asked if I’d like to check it out. I am truly fascinated by these electronic devices that can clearly prove the spiritual world I operate in by faith and intuitive feeling. So today I allowed him to put devices on my fingers as well as my head.


Right away music starts playing this very soothing meditative music and I see beautiful swirling mandalas and this spiraling DNA looking pattern. I told him “hey that looks like the DNA strands I see in my minds eye during Angelic Auric Clearing sessions” he says to me “you see them?” Yes I do.

He then starts reading all my numbers and charts and I’m just chatting with him casually. Suddenly he laughs and just looks at me and says “Tawnya that design and music are coming from you, you are creating them w your mind.” I was like, I am? Awesome! Then he continues to laugh and says “Tawnya I’m not used to seeing readings from healthy aligned Humans so this is really exciting for me.”

I didn’t exactly understand all these numbers and charts so he starts to explain it all to me. He first explained that he usually doesn’t have anything happen on the screen until 5-6 sessions w a patient after much training to help them realize they can create in this way. Then he said what is funny is how I was just casually chatting with him and my numbers were off the charts which blew his mind.

Now please realize I am not a human that plays w ego. I am a very aware human and I am sharing this personal experience to encourage each of you to realize that consistent meditation and peaceful presence is very powerful and apparently now it can be scientifically measured and observed.

He just gets all excited about my numbers and how mind blowing they are and that I’m not even trying. So I played w him and said ok so if I’m at 87% and that’s good I’ll try to go to 90%. It rose to 89% then it dropped to 78% I said “see that’s spirit showing me to stay present and humble, the moment I “tried” to make it happen it lowered. As I relaxed and allowed the numbers rose. I felt that was a pretty spectacular experience.

He then points out one number of mine which was 262.06 he says “Tawnya let’s just say you are Very coherent” he tells me that most his patients are below 50 and that after years of practice his highest # is 160. He just kept staring at me like I was a unicorn haha and he says he is so interested to do some readings on some of my future Angelic Auric Clearing clients. So for any of you who are ready for a session and would be open to a harmonized spiritual and scientific experience and reading let me know.

I have a good feeling the Angels have very strategically summoned this soul in to work with us. I am eager and excited to see the powerful profound results of blending my trust of spirit and the deeply felt shifts my clients experience with a scientific readout of the shift in numbers and readings energetically. Very exciting stuff!


Ahhh That was fun!

Thanks Angels I AM Open Ready and Receptive to waking up the world to the power of our healing capabilities through energetic realignment with our Source!!! Tawnya Love and the Angels
Contact Tawnya Love if you are ready for profoundly powerful shifts and miracles!

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