Scientific Exploration w Multi Dimensional Explorer Tawnya Love

Happy Holidays Beautiful Soul Family,

I do hope this greeting finds you all in a state of great ease and inner peace. If it doesn’t however do not fret or judge yourselves in any way. It is my hope, our hope (myself and my soul team) to shine a bright and supportive light for all of you with this galactic message. 

Last night I met with my soul team during sleep/dream state. During this galactic meeting I was listening to a group of souls speaking about time travel. Several of these souls in their human form were struggling with the concept of time travel and were very stuck energetically with this subject.

At one point I chimed in with another perspective. I reminded these beings that time travel was completely possible with the correct spiritual alchemy and that all creations were simply a process of chemistry.

I reminded each of these souls that they in essence are scientific explorers and that life or this Earth school is their scientific laboratory for experimentation and exploration. I reminded them that Anything is truly possible when we are aware of the laboratory and the truth that we are the scientific explorers in a state of creation.

In our limited human perspective many are only able to see a fragment of what is possible through the distorted lens of fear, lack and limitation. Yet as a soul advances in their consciousness that lens opens wider and wider. Therefore Enlightenment in truth is merely a widening of a once closed lens.

As we grow, evolve and realize who we truly are spiritual alchemy becomes the focus. We awaken and remember that we are Gods, Creators, drops of the Big Universal Ocean becoming aware of Self. When this awakening occurs consciousness moves through and the awareness of the game, the play, the scientific laboratory becomes obvious. Where many were once sleep walking and in a state of amnesia, there is now awareness.

Everything becomes Incredibly exciting in this new state of awareness. The God has awakened and is now aware of its thoughts, behaviors, actions, fears, projected limitations. As well as aware of gifts, talents, wisdom, power and soul purpose. Life truly ignites for this being because consciousness has become aware of itself. Nothing will Ever be the same!

For sleeping humans there are many fears projected about good and evil, Gods and Demons. And for these beings this seems real and true. For what one perceives as truth through one’s own lens of perception either limits or expands one’s own experience and soon one’s own ability in creation.
Therefore what we believe to be true, becomes true for us. What we believe to be impossible, will be impossible for us and so on. Now enter the awakened soul, the self-realized God that is aware of itself as Infinite, vast, and powerful. For this being Anything is possible because this being is aware of the Infinite and realizes its Oneness with the Infinite. There is a Wide open lens for this being, and therefore a greater expansive position of observation and creation.

For an awakened being there is the awareness of countless creations occuring simultaneously within this expansive universal playground. The awareness of the Infinite holographic realities playing out all around it. There is the awareness of the scientific laboratory, aka life. This advanced soul SEES clearly, observes the many creations occuring within the scientific laboratory. This soul observes its own as well as others’ creations with the awareness of efficiency and harmony within this scientific laboratory. 

What do I mean by that? What I’m saying is suddenly with ones lens wide open, One observes what scientific experiments are effective and efficient. What spiritual alchemy offers a beautiful harmonious creation and which experiments blow up and create catastrophe. As any scientist knows, it is important to observe and record data for growth and new discovery.

So I ask you your first question. Are you awake? Are you aware of who you truly are? Are you ready for forward growth and evolution or would you like to consciously remain where you are?

Take a moment, a week, a year or a lifetime to answer, for this is your right to choose. For those of you that know you Are ready for forward growth and evolution, wonderful. Now I ask you this, are you willing to drop everything that is limiting you in any way? Are you willing to open your closed lens wider and wider so you may SEE? Are you willing to release your limiting thoughts, behaviors and ways of being so you may achieve a harmonious spiritual alchemy?  Truly your first and most important step is the choice to step into the light of awareness. This choice will shift everything in your life if you allow it. And you alone must choose to SEE.

For some you may choose to stay closed and continue viewing life from your tightly closed and limiting perspective, that is a choice you’re free to make. For these souls duality will continue, pain and suffering will be the norm. Many will continue to view some as Evil, some as Good. Some will continue to experiment with blowing up the laboratory as they continue to seek the highest spiritual alchemy. These will be what many of you refer to as the terrorists, the trouble makers, the demons. Yet for those with eyes open We shall observe the sleeping souls experimenting in the laboratory.

For some you shall choose to stay sleeping and project your energy as being superior. Many sleeping humans will believe in you and follow you, worship you and project all the Love they refuse to acknowledge within themselves upon you. They shall call you Gurus, Masters, And for some their Gods. Again the awakened ones shall observe you all playing in your scientific laboratories. 

You see it is All Our creation. God cannot kill the devil because it is All God. The Scientific laboratory is your life. There are truly no limitations here, except the ones you create. There are truly no devils here except the devils you create. There is Only God.  To those that remain in a state of spiritual amnesia, this scientific laboratory can Feel like Hell on Earth. Or to the awakened ones We can create a harmonious experience as our Heaven on Earth. You see it is all up to you and to me for We are Gods in a constant state of creation. So what shall we create today my beloved family?

Infinite Blessings to All at this Beautiful time of Awakening, Tawnya Love Self Realized Free Sovereign Being 

You are not alone, souls such as mine have chosen to come to this Scientific Laboratory (Earth) with the joy and honor of supporting each and every soul with their private coaching and energetic support for the advancement of a conscious humanity and Earth.
For those of you who feel the truth in these words and you feel the inner guidance to reach out and ask for assistance in your own holographic leap. Contact Tawnya Love to set up your own one on one Soul Coaching/Transformative Sessions Today!

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Thank You for assisting in the Awakening of Humanity we appreciate you greatly for all you are 💖 Tawnya Love and Galactic Team 


  1. Gary Wilson · December 20, 2016

    Good work, Tawnya! Very interesting! Thanks!

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