Manawa True Presence with Intuitive healer Tawnya Love

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to One and All!
I do hope this greeting finds you in beautiful health, happiness and joy. May each of us take great pleasure in the Here and Now, this and every Magical Sacred New Moment.

This morning after creating a beautiful magical Ginger Bread House with my daughter Catherine I was walking through my kitchen very conscious of my inner dialogue. Suddenly I observed how I was in a great state of joy and gratitude. I felt deep inner peace, ease and joy complete contentment. I then realized my next thought was this, “Everything just keeps getting better and better in my life” I caught it! This thought, or new affirmation has become my truth. Because I keep affirming/thinking it it is now my truth, my new reality. Not because I changed anything externally but rather because I shifted my inner awareness and alignment.

Life is truly fun and miraculous for me everyday because I affirm it to be, I expect it to be and I am conscious of my expectations. I Love to open myself to receive the Universal support, assistance and help daily. I Love assisting my family, friends and clients with tools and support so their lives can shift in positive joyous ways. we are all worthy of Abundant and Beautiful lives, All of us!
So after my conscious awareness of my inner dialogue in my kitchen I felt inspired to go select a special Hawaiian healing card from my healing room. Now let me express to you that I rarely use this deck for whatever reason. So this was a spirit led moment.

I shuffled the cards with my focus on manifesting our New Hawaiian Sacred Space/Home and Healing Business on my heart. The card I drew brought a smile and inspired me to share this experience with you. My card is Manawa True Presence it relates to Time, Turn and Season. 

The message from spirit is this: The past and future live within you in this moment Now. True presence allows you to take responsibility for all that you carry and make clear conscious choices about what to keep and what to let go of. Through true presence you can awaken to your whole being, your body, your expansive soul and the Divine interconnectedness of all life.
Here is a healing affirmation to assist you in reprogramming your inner awareness and dialogue: “My intention is to be fully present with all of my dreams, feelings, thoughts, challenges, gifts, relationships and endeavors right here, right now…And so it is!

Happy Shifting my beautiful, deserving soul family…You Got This!!!

Our Lives just keep getting better and better in all ways 😘💋 Infinite blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels 

Need a lil help, guidance and compassionate support? Please view my thriving services here on my blog and contact me when you are ready to shift your reality in magical ways!
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Merry Christmas and Happy Abundant New Year Bring on the Miracles Angels We expect mind blowing Awesomeness and Magic in 2017!!!!

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