Calling Forth an Amazing Abundant New Earth Year in 2017!!!!

Happy New Earth Year Everyone!!!!
This morning I enjoyed leading a beautiful Restorative Yoga Meditation class this morning. My highlight was when one of my sweet students came up to me and said “Tawnya you gave me the most important Christmas gift of all”. I said “I did?” She then went on to explain the great pain she had been in for so long. And she’s been attending my Restorative Yoga and Pilates Yoga fusion classes for awhile now. She said she was standing in the kitchen on Christmas and suddenly she realized, wow I’m not in pain! My hip doesn’t hurt.

She had been experiencing pain in her hip for so long it felt normal. I explained that partly this was from the physical practice of Yoga and Pilates in lubricating her hip and other joints. However I reminded her to not under estimate the power of presence, stillness and reprogramming her consciousness into a state of wholeness and wellness.

Every week spirit speaks through me with powerful words of truth and wisdom reminding us of the power of vibrational alignment. It can happen slowly and gradually we focus on wholeness and suddenly we are back in our alignment.
The same goes for stepping into sickness, it’s a gradual tipping point of leaning into tension, stress, dis-ease and next thing we know, wow how’d I get sick, poor, so angry??

It’s all vibrational my love’s, everything is ignited via your chosen vibration and focus. Any body has the ability to return to its natural state of alignment. Continue to focus on the wholeness and the alignment and next thing you know You will BE there!

I invite any of you who know you have room for Vibrational improvement to join us each Wednesday evening for Candlelight Yoga Meditation at 6:30 PM in our Sacred Space.
Don’t be in a rush show up for yourself consistently and with Love and absolute miracles are possible. I’ve observed so many of my Beautiful healing clients and yoga students change their lives for the better simply by showing up consistently with a higher vibration. 

The reason I offer classes and healing sessions is to offer those who are ready for positive change support, consistent support…And I SEE Miracles constantly!
This New Year change one thing that will change everything…Show up for yourself consistently!!!

This one change will invite miraculous shifts for you. I observe so many who want change, talk about change, and complain yet they do Not show up consistently for themselves. And their lives are a reflection of the lack of honor and respect they are withholding from themselves.

I Am here offering my help and support because this is my specialty, my gift and my soul purpose. Now your choosing to show up, that’s your part to choose.
I know what each and every one of us are capable of and in 2017 I AM READY to support my own dreams as well as yours…Are You Ready to show up for yourselves?

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels view my thriving services here

Contact me for your first energy activation, Auric Clearing, Aromatherapy Healing Touch Reiki Massage, Soul Coaching or private/group Angel Reading
I experience and receive client testimonials like this every week because this energetic vibrational alignment stuff…It freaking works…It works on every level of your life…If you show up consistently 😘💖

Here’s to Calling Forth an Amazing Abundant Miraculous New Earth Year in 2017!!!! Are You ready to do your part this year?

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