Igniting Our Inner Light w Soul Coach Tawnya Love

Day 6 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

January 6th, 2017

Igniting Our Inner Light

 Often we as humans forget to connect with our own Inner Light and Wisdom. For some, life can begin to feel very dark and lonely when we choose to dwell in our shadows. Yet, in a moment of awareness, we can reconnect with Divine Light once again. We suddenly connect with the Source within; we align ourselves with healing and solution, and the Light is shining once again!

Eckhart Tolle, a  wise spiritual teacher, once made a reference that I just loved and resonated with. He said that sometimes humans walk into a room, draw the blinds closed, sit down, and then complain about the darkness. The Light is always there. It doesn’t mind if we choose to close the blinds, and if we get up and open the blinds, the Light can enter once more. It was always there, waiting to be allowed in.

Many humans have created unhealthy habits of complaining, shaming, and dwelling on negativity. We all have our human moments, when perhaps life is offering us opportunity for growth and evolution. Choosing to dwell on negativity is one choice – maybe not the most Awesome choice, but it is a choice. We also have the choice to look for the good, the gift, the lesson, the beauty in Every situation. I’ve discovered that once you start looking for goodness, you will find it.

The same goes for an incessant need to look for the bad, the ugly. Wherever you are placing your focus is what you’re going to keep attracting into your life. I say: “Bring on the Magic, the Miracles, the Beauty, and Abundance!” And I observe these gifts constantly…Why? Because I’m open and receptive and expecting the goodness to find me.

Like I mentioned earlier, we all have life lessons and moments that I like to call “Not Awesome.” However, your shifting those moments into something Awesome is a choice only You can choose, if you’re open and receptive, and if you’re willing to give up your old habits and beliefs of lack, limitation, and negativity. If you Love your suffering, by all means, own it! Suffer like you’ve never suffered before! Cry, yell, scream as only you can. Just own it, and realize that You and You alone are creating this moment. This one, right here, right now. So what do you choose to create in this moment? You got this, so own it!

Relax and lay or sit comfortably, somewhere you won’t be disturbed. If you’re a mom or dad with little ones, you may have to hide in your closet for a few minutes. Shhhh, be very quiet -those little ones can sense your every move.
Now, close your eyes for a few moments and enjoy a few deep, centering breaths. Ahhhhh yeahhh, sweet freedom! With every breath, allow your physical body to relax and soften. Allow your mind to quiet down and find stillness. Just keep allowing, keep breathing. Enjoy this practice often throughout your day, especially if life is feeling too fast or overwhelming. I encourage you to meditate twice on those days.

As you begin to relax and find ease, aligning with your natural state once again, allow yourself to open at your heart and crown. Just set your intention to open yourself up to receive. To receive whatever it is you most need, right here, right now. Focus on receiving solutions to any life situations that you may be currently experiencing. Focus on receiving healing Light if you’ve been feeling unwell. Keep breathing and listening, receiving and trusting. Know that there is Always a solution, an answer, and a direction available for us. We just need to be still, and quiet, and listen so we can receive this Divine Guidance.

Once you’ve received your healing, guidance, or solution, give the Source within you a big Thank You and take your aligned action. Trust in yourself, and in your ability to receive Divine Guidance and solutions. Yup, You are that Awesome! Now show the world what you’re made of today and SHINE!!!

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