The Power to Choose by Intuitive Life Coach Tawnya Love

Day 5 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love

January 5th, 2017

The Power to Choose

Do you understand that you have the power to make all of your own choices? That this is your life to live? Are you living your life authentically, or do you have a daily habit of giving your power away consciously, or even unconsciously? Living in such a way can have its consequences. Consequences over your general well-being, your health, and – inevitably – your happiness.

And yet, there is another way. We have the power to live authentically. We have the divine right to choose what is truly best for us. This is exciting once we have the awareness to understand that our life is truly our own masterpiece to create. For many of us we have been taught and conditioned to subtly and dramatically allow others to paint our Masterpiece for us.

When we allow others to make our choices, to create our life, we start to numb an important part of ourselves. Life can become heavy, uninteresting, and depressing. We can start to feel stuck, confused, and irritated. Once we notice this pattern of people-pleasing and see how much this choice affects every aspect of Our Lives, then we have the power to start to really take control of our lives as we make our own choices that come authentically from within us, rather than from external pressure.
Everything will change. When we choose to listen to our own wise hearts; when we choose to Love ourselves fully and authentically; we allow life to move through us. We feel more at ease, at peace, and joyous. As we awaken and remember how vitally important it is for us to Be true to ourselves, life illuminates for us from the inside out…Magic Happens!!!

Now take a few calm, centering breaths. Just listen to your own heart. Breathe In Love…breathe out Love…and feel the connection with your own higher heart’s wisdom. With this next inhale, open yourself to remember who you really are. On your next exhale, as you breathe out, release anything that is not authentically you.
Keep breathing, centering and relaxing into this moment, right here, right now. Release your past, your baggage, your old story. Ahhhh…let it go. With your next inhale, affirm within or speak aloud: “I now call back all of my power, in all directions of time and space. I reclaim my authentic voice, my authentic essence. I Am Free to BE True to myself!”

Enjoy this next exhale with power and purpose; really breathe out all of the heaviness. It isn’t who you are. Allow yourself to clear and release all the energy of the past. Feel your inner body, the aliveness that is you, the non-physical you. Sit here for a few moments, listening deeply to the stillness. When you feel ready, open your eyes, and move forward into your day fully peaceful, present, and awake. Welcome Home!

Tawnya Love enjoys teaching and Inspiring Everyone of her clients and students by living her own life authentically and joyously. Contact Tawnya Love to schedule your own one on one Intuitive reading and or Angelic Auric Clearing Session Today!!! Magic awaits You 💖 view Tawnya’s thriving services here.

Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels

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