The Winds of Change By Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love and the Angels

I surge on the uprising wave of love. No gravity can stop me from rising! The moon pulls the tide of Life towards her, and my soul and Oneness with all of life answers her call. A wave of Love consumes me, and upwards I fly, flying through water, to greet her shining body. Led by my heart, my wits are addled and my mind becomes a blurry mess; and so I feel instead, feel the truth of her love and the Divine reflection she shines back at me from her radiant heart. ~Rumi

Day 13 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love and the Angels

January 13th, 2017

Today is a full Wolf Moon, and it has Inspired today’s channeling in regards to the powers of nature, the cosmos, and the vast, expansive energies of the Universe. Every one of us, big and small, experience change through the unnoticed and seemingly insignificant shifts, as well as the large and obvious shifts. The shifting of the planets, the rotation of our planet around the sun, the expansive activities upon our great star, the waxing and waning of the moon. All of these hold great power over our Beloved planet, as well as our body, mind and soul. 

At times we move through important shifts and cycles that can directly and indirectly affect us. In some moments, we make our choices, and in others, greater powers seem to propell us forward, or move us in a completely new direction that seems beyond our control or understanding. During these shifts, it is important to have faith, and to trust in the Divine powers of change, to allow ourselves to be assisted, directed, and lifted in ways we may not fully comprehend. 

We each have the power to choose how we wish to respond to the greater shifts and cycles in our lives. Often a great change can assist in awakening us to greater Love, Trust, and Surrender. At times like this, we must be mindful that we do not allow our ego to shake us with its fears and need for control and order. In these moments, we must remember that Life has its own Divine Plan. Sometimes things just don’t seem to make any sense. We may observe people being given important roles of leadership that seem insane to us in our smaller vision. These are important moments to awaken inner Trust, Love, and Surrender; moments to activate one’s inner compass and move forward with greater Love and Awareness.

At times, it can feel as if life is going to drown us, cast us off a deathly cliff. We may feel so afraid, so alone and lost. At these times our ego may grasp and claw for control. It may convince us that we will die if we allow, if we let go, if we trust in life’s greater movement. Our hearts are so much more powerful than any darkness or fear. Our hearts know exactly where they desire to BE; the heart moves with surrendered trust. The ego mind thrashes about in need of constant control. 

What if, for this moment, you let go? Let go of the need for control, let go of a need to hold any answers, let go of everything? What if you allowed yourself to dive deeply into the great ocean of consciousness, allowed yourself to be lifted, carried, and delivered to the highest shore? The Divine wishes goodness for us, but are we willing to allow the goodness that is best for us to flow in?

There may be great changes occurring in your life situation at this time. Go with them. Trust that All is happening for you, rather than to you. Allow yourself to be lifted, assisted, and supported in radical ways. Stop doggy-paddling, and turn over and float on your back. Allow the Divine Forces to have their way with You…Your Divine Destiny awaits!

Healing Affirmation: “I AM open, ready, and receptive to being Divinely Delivered to my Highest Heavenly Shore. Thank You Source God for Delivering me Now!” 

Take a few moments to sit quietly within your own heart. Be still, and listen to the wisdom of your heart. Place your hands in Namaste at your heart center, and bow inwardly, showing honor to the wisdom and grace of your own Divine heart and soul. Take deep, centering breaths as you let go, and move forward with surrendered trust and grace. Happy Sailing! 

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels

Thank You for Sharing our posts with All Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels 💖

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