Why I Love Being a Healer by Tawnya Love

Day 14 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 14th, 2017

I am often asked what I do as a healer, and I find this question to be both extremely simple and impossibly vast. For the possibilities in regards to assisting others as well as self with healing are truly unlimited. Allow me a moment to break it down as best as I can, so that you may more clearly understand. The most important aspect in regards to BEING a Loving aware Healer as well as human in general is this…Listen! When clients ‘oooo’ and ‘ahhh’ in regards to the miraculous shifts they experience when co-creating Alignment, I remind them, and myself, often, that I am simply a very good listener.

Listening is HUGE in regards to a healthy, balanced, and beautiful body, relationship, and life. As I support my clients with powerful listening tools, they begin to empower themselves in amazing ways. As we each make the choice to Listen more and chatter less… Everything changes!

I also specialize in energetic alchemy. I just Get It! I Love to assist my clients, students, and anyone who’s open to understanding that We are first and foremost Source Energy, non-physical consciousness moving and creating in a physical dimension. When we truly understand that We are primarily energy, everything can change, and is always changing, whether we are aware of that or not.

I FEEL so blessed to be in my physical body, Loving myself, caring for my own needs, and mirroring that Alignment to everyone I may be blessed to connect with in this lifetime. I truly LOVE LOVE LOVE my life, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being a Healer. I find it incredibly fulfilling guiding both humans and animals back home to a space of wholeness.

We are so conditioned in our lives to worry, to fear, to try to control and to stress and it seems to consume most of the collective of humanity. When you understand energetic alignment, it is no surprise that we’ve collectively created great suffering, sickness and Dis-Ease within our bodies, minds, and planet. Before one has the power to heal anything, there must be an openness and understanding of Vibrational Alignment. 

This is something I just Get! It’s like Source God created me and wired me with this deep, profound understanding. It is my joy, my pleasure, and my honor to pass this wisdom on to all humans who are open and receptive to this important wisdom and understanding as it affects Everything!

I express the importance of being open and receptive for an important reason. If You are Not open nor receptive to healing, to Alignment and positive shifts, then You will Not allow yourself to return to a state of wholeness. When I lead Healing workshops, mentorships, and Transformational Retreats, I express this often. As healers we are, in essence, guides, way-showers, and assistants of Source God. We cannot, nor should we, take it upon our shoulders to feel as if We must heal another. All healing occurs when there is an openness in the one seeking re-alignment. As a Healer, I Love offering a sacred, Loving safe space for my clients, students, and Loved ones to step back into their Natural State of Alignment. I Love observing the Huge Transformation of a very hurt, fearful, wounded soul as they choose to step back into vibrational alignment. In my life, I literally witness miraculous shifts Daily, and it is AWESOME!

As a Healer, I offer so many different modalities to my clients. However, the most important part of Healing is listening to the Intuitive guidance I receive with each beautiful soul I am blessed to assist. Every session unfolds and we are guided in the Now.

Everyone is different, and no healing session is ever the same. I enjoy expanding my own tool set as spirit brings me New tools, new understanding, and new ways of teaching and reaching those in need. I Love assisting with Healing Touch through Aromatherapy Healing Touch Massage; it’s a beautiful thing to observe every one of my clients shift into utter bliss, as they let go of the need to control for awhile, and slip into deep relaxation and being… Most of my clients fall Into a deep, restorative sleep during these sessions. 

I Love offering healing touch and healing oils as a powerful and gentle modality for realignment and wholeness. I often work with oils, tuning forks, crystals, and singing bowls…Whatever my intuition inspires.

I often schedule Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions with my clients in person, as well as remotely. These are incredibly powerful energetic activations and can be shared in person in my Healing space, or remotely with just as much power. These sessions often take a few hours, and it is beneficial if the client can have that full day off for rest and integration.

 Hydration is also important before these energetic sessions, as both the receiver and the Assisting Healer burn off a lot of water. So coming to this session well hydrated is wise, as well as rehydrating right after your session. 

During Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions, I never know what to expect, but I often witness powerful miraculous shifts of body, mind, and soul. Many of my clients have said that I am a Healer for the Soul, even my Yoga/Meditation students Love to express how “Tawnya Love offers Yoga for the Soul.” This is true. My specialty and intention is 100% focused upon the health and alignment of the Soul, for when we are Aligned at a Soul level, everything flows with greater beauty, ease, and grace. 

I Love helping humans understand the value of honoring Their own Soul in a world that often conditions this alignment right out of us.

I have witnessed many humans completely shift their very heavy emotional state in one session; I have observed clients smiling at the end of our session, and radiating joy, bliss, faith and, trust. Often I receive clients who enter our Sacred Space sobbing, crying, filled with anxiety and tension ,and often that is accompanied by deep physical pain. Yet I cannot express enough how often these very souls walk out of our Sacred Space laughing, lighter, calm, and often with profound shifts in their physical body.

I have supported and witnessed many physical miracles, too many to write in this short blog. However, I will share a few that stand out at this time.

I offered support to a beautiful soul, a remote client who I intuively picked up on so much energetic suppression within the left side of her body that she had manifested Arthritis throughout her left side. She had been in so much physical pain and had visited many Doctors seeking healing and relief. All she was told was that her pain would get worse, that she would have to take pain medication the rest of her life, that she couldn’t heal Arthritis, and that it would just get worse as she aged. Well, this angered her, and she refused to believe this was her fate–and good for her for taking a stand in her own life!  She was told to contact me by another happy client I had supported, and when she read several of my blogs and watched a few of my shows, she said she knew God had guided her to find me. 

She was so open and receptive to positive change that in ONE session together, We shifted so much blocked energy that All the arthritis left her body! All of it! I will never forget this session, because these miraculous shifts opened my mind wider than before to what is truly possible with energetic alignment. This client contacted me 6 months later to Thank me again, and to share with me that the arthritis Never returned. She was so grateful it brought tears to both of us.

I am a firm believer that Anything is possible when we are open and receptive, when we are Willing to actually listen to the wisdom flowing in to support us, and when we honor our own Soul. We all understand that if our car tires are out of alignment, that our car doesn’t drive quite right. Or if we slip a bone out of alignment, our body is in sudden pain, and we go to see the Chiropractor for help. Well, I am the Chiropractor for your Soul, and I am here to support Everyone who is open to understanding that when we ignore misalignment, at a Soul level we will suffer.
Okay, let’s share another amazing healing experience…I had a beautiful client come to me one day that I had met in one of my Yoga classes. She said she just felt drawn to me, and when I mentioned I was a healer, she knew she had been guided to work with me. So we set up a time for her first in-person session right away. Often during sessions I receive visions, or feelings of deep knowing about my clients. I start to receive these visions and knowingness before the client ever arrives at our Sacred Space, while I’m in meditation. This is the power of Listening. Source God is always communicating with us. It’s just that many of us are Not listening. 

So my client arrived, and I was sharing some of the messages of knowing that I had been receiving. She was delighted by how accurate these messages were, and I am always tickled with joy as well, because Spirit constantly Blows my mind! During this client’s first session, I was shown many visions to help put the pieces together in regards to why she had this life changing accident. I was given the wisdom to help her understand that she was deeply Loved and Supported, and not to remain in the vibration of fear. 

I picked up on something blocked in her sexual center, or Sacral Chakra, so I assisted in clearing this blockage and supporting her life force in flowing through her with greater ease and efficiency. I recall the tears that flowed from her face after her first session. She was crying tears of relief. She had literally been exhausted in body, mind, and soul, and was now so much lighter. She hugged me and thanked me for helping her understand this painful situation in a way she could actually comprehend. She realized she needed to stop blaming herself, stop with the shame, and know that it wasn’t her fault. She is, to this day, a beautiful soul sister, friend, and dedicated client. 

The day after her first session, she contacted me to let me know that she hadn’t had her menstrual cycle in over a year, and that for the first time, her menstrual cycle had returned. I was elated with joy, as I then clearly understood the energetic block in her Sacral Chakra, and I understood that spirit, myself, and my beautiful, open client had totally cleared this blockage. AWESOMENESS!!!

There are truly hundreds of stories like these, about clients who have come into our Sacred Space in one energetic state, only to leave in a much higher, lighter, Aligned space. I offer one-on-one healing Sessions, in person and remotely. The way spirit guided me to set my rates was based on being paid for my time and my gifts. I offer group healings for those who are struggling to allow abundance into their lives. I’ve shared over 2 years of channeled messages on my YouTube channel under Tawnya Love, and I’ve enjoyed blogging about the entire journey right here for the past few years, on my website TawnyaAngel555.com.  

I’m always eager and excited to observe how Source God will assist with New Miracles, each and every day. I Love each and every one of my honoring clients. I attract those to work with me that are open, honoring, and receptive; Clients who value my unique gifts and the beyond monetary healing and life shifts that I assist them with. I Love My Blessed, Beautiful and Abundant Life!!!

Words cannot clearly or powerfully express the depth of my joy, honor, and gratitude to BE here Now on this Beautiful planet, assisting beautiful, deserving souls with healing and Soul Realignment. It is important to understand that No Healer can Make You return to your natural state of wholeness and ease, nor should they feel the burden of this. However, an aligned Healer can support, guide, and encourage You to come back home to You, to release what is Not working within yourself and within your life situation, to assist You in remembering the value and importance of living authentically and in alignment with your own Soul. Now How May I assist and Serve You today?

Blessings, Namaste Tawnya Love & the Angels

View my thriving services right here and contact me when You are ready to come back home to You ๐Ÿ’–

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