Spiritual Fire w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 15 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 15th, 2017

This morning my family and I were sitting around the table enjoying our delicious breakfast together when my daughter proclaimed, “I suck at math, and I’ve always sucked at math!”. This Inspired our soul conversation that I’m now feeling Inspired to share with all of You. I listened to what my daughter expressed and I believed her, that she truly felt this way. However I felt this was a teaching moment and so I went with it. I expressed to my very intelligent and capable daughter that I have often observed humans proclaim their limitations, often with great passion. And yet, I informed her this was a lie.

Let me share an example with you as I shared with my very understanding daughter. Let’s imagine for a moment that we have 2 beautiful, capable, intelligent humans. You with me so far? Now let’s say human #1 is named Julie and human #2 is named John. Imagine that both of these humans suddenly realize they are stressed out, have started gaining weight, their joints ache every morning and they both know that they need to change something in their lives. Now Julie and John decide, “Hey I think I should start going to Yoga!” So each of them go to a Yoga studio and they sign up for their first class.

(Yup this is our Beautiful Yoga Studio/Healing Sacred Space)

Now at the first class both John and Julie feel “Out of their comfort zones” Big Time! The stretches feel awkward, their muscles are so tight, just learning to breathe correctly takes actual effort…Who knew one needed to learn how to breath!? Now let’s imagine that Julie in her discomfort decides, “you know what?  I Suck at Yoga!  It’s hard, I feel weird, I’m no good at this yoga stuff…I Suck at Yoga!!!” And she quits coming to Yoga classes just like that…Boom Done! Back to her normal routine, back to her limiting beliefs and sadly back to her pain.
Now picture John, he’s struggling to keep up, doing his best to breathe like the freaking ocean…Say whaaat? He’s tight in his muscles, his mind is bouncing all over the place and it’s a true challenge for him to just relax and breathe. Here’s the game changer…John declares after his first class, “Man that Yoga was a real challenge for me, I was sweating and squirming, I felt so awkward and out of place but I am going to keep coming because I know I can do this! I know this Yoga practice is going to help me heal my body and calm my mind.”  He gives his best, John sees clearly how Yoga has helped so many people around him, he sees their inner calm, observes their flexibility as the evidence is All around him!

Now both John and Julie had the same awareness that attending a Yoga class would help them in some way. They both saw the needs of their own bodies, minds and souls. However one chose to be comfortable with being a little uncomfortable. One chose to focus on their growing abilities and strengths. One chose to focus on growth, expansion and capabilities.

The other chose to stay stuck, complain, shame themselves and believe in their limitations and weaknesses. Another choice maybe not the most empowering choice, but a choice.

Now I truly feel we have All played the part of both Julie and John throughout our lives. And we will all choose to focus on our strengths and capabilities when we have suffered enough. I write this entry today to inspire courage, as well as faith in your profoundly powerful abilities, your incredible strengths and gifts that are just waiting to be discovered and utilized by You!

So I will happily challenge any human that comes along and affirms their lack and limitations because It’s just not true–these limitations that we tell ourselves and then we shout out loud for others are lies. And when we believe in lies our whole world will suffer from that one misaligned belief and choice.

So whether you believe you suck at Math, Yoga or being patient with others, it’s just not true. All this is is a New moment asking for your presence, your openness and your faith in what you are truly capable of. You are here to grow, to improve, to expand in everyway. So what if you just stopped affirming your limitations in any way starting right now, what would change? EVERYTHING!

Take out two sheets of paper. On one sheet title it at the top: Things I used to think I sucked at. Now just let that pen flow, write down everything you have told yourself again and again you suck at. Give them all a name.
When your list is complete go to your next paper and title it: Things I am open and ready to improve within myself and my life! Now allow that pen to work its manifesting magic and let those words of truth and expansion flow, baby flow.

Now take a moment and look at both sheets, observe how you have changed your tune. How does this New way of expressing feel? Notice how you feel inside when you state a limiting thought, as well as how it feels to express an empowering thought. If you feel inspired you can keep both sheets somewhere you can see them each day to stay mindful of your constant openness to expand, or you can burn your old Sucky sheet…Burn Baby Burn… Please of course, burn it safely!
Tawnya Love is an Intuitive Healer and Soul Coach who absolutely Loves life and Loves Inspiring others to live their lives to the fullest. Contact Tawnya Love to schedule your one-on-one Soul Coaching session Today!!! It’s Expansion Time!!!

(Our Beautiful Sacred Healing Space)

Refer your loved ones to come heal and transform with me and I’ll gift You with Awesome discounts on Your Sessions…Thank You for your support and Love 💋
Blessings Tawnya Love & the Angels

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Look at these two cards I drew right after posting this blog…I Love it so synchronistic!

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