Living with surrendered trust w/Angelic Healer Tawnya Love

Day 23 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 23rd, 2017

Have you ever worried about where the financial assistance you need is going to come from? Ever wonder how in God’s name you could ever heal that estranged relationship? At times like these, often we can lose ourselves in external life situations. We can go unconscious, and next thing we know, not only do we have this pesky life situation to deal with, but now we’re sick as well from all the stress and tension we’ve created within ourselves.

So often we as humans can lose our vibrational frequency, our momentum, simply because we start to lose faith in ourselves, our worth and in the intelligence and creativity of the Universe. We often check in maybe a bit too often, searching for the answer, desperately seeking that healing or the abundance. Only to lower our vibrational frequency and pinch off all the goodness we truly desire.

What many of us are still learning to master is how to maintain our vibrational frequency. Imagine you’re in San Francisco and you’re pushing your broke down VW Bug up the steep hill. You may have to push or take action for a bit, and then you may need to rest for a bit. Once you’ve rested sufficiently, you’d want to start pushing again, and resting again, over and over until finally you reach the top of the hill. 

So often humans start pushing towards their goals, only to not see that hilltop soon enough, and so they give up and drop their vibrational frequency. Imagine what that would look like and feel like in the car being pushed up the steep hill scenario. That would not be a pretty sight. All that effort, all that work, and BAM, you’re being dragged down that steep hillside and run over by your own VW Bug. Ouch, Not Awesome!
However, this is what so many of us humans do, again and again. We give up on ourselves. We live with doubt, fear, and lack over and over again. What if we kept showing up? What if we allowed ourselves time to rest when we needed it, and then we got back up and put more effort towards our goals? What would happen? 

Eventually, you’d reach your destination. Eventually, you’d SEE your own capabilities with your own eyes. Eventually you would be One with your dream.
We all have our own work to put forth in our lives. We all have our own unique goals, dreams and desires. And each of us must make the choice to Show Up. It would serve us greatly to have some freaking patience, to believe in ourselves, to stop procrastinating, stop complaining and when we feel rested…We get back up and start moving towards our goals again. One beautiful, aware step at a time.

I once observed an interview with Will Smith. In it he spoke of how he met life one brick at a time. All of us have the potential to build some pretty fantastic dreams, and all that is required of us is that we show up and pick up this one brick right here, right now, and lay that brick in the most excellent way this one brick can be laid. And eventually, you’ll look up and see what a fantastic dream you have built…Brick by brick.
Take all that pressure off of yourself, the pressure to prove anything to anyone outside of yourself. Trust in your Oneness with Source God. Trust in your Infinite power, strength and capabilities and your worth. Relax, flow, move and grow one sacred, aware moment at a time. Believe in your vision… Allow it to show up in its own Divine way, and Divine Time. Just keep showing up, keep laying your most sacred bricks, one by one. Your dream wants to BE with you as much as You want to be united with your dream.

Take a few moments to connect with your highest inner vision. Allow time for stillness everyday, so that you can become the most amazing listener. Take out your special journal and write down a list of your most sacred dreams. Be very detailed, and yet, allow the Universe to bring in something even better.
Now, make a list of the steps you can take today, right here, right now, to move towards your goal. If losing 20 lbs is your goal, then perhaps today you could be very mindful of what you eat. You could observe that you are eating every 3-4 hours. You could drink at least 75 oz of water for hydration. Perhaps you could go sign up for that dance class you’ve wanted to try, or call a friend to go hiking…The possibilities are endless, and this is where You get the opportunity to be the Master of your own life, where You get to be the director and creator. So have fun with this…Check in daily, and ask yourself: What is the most important step I can take today towards my dream?

Enjoy the journey, and celebrate your milestones in fun, creative ways. Never give up on yourself or allow your sneaky lil ego, or the fearful voices of those around you to cause you to lose faith in yourself and in this Abundant and Awesome Intelligent Universe. MIRACLES are Real and they are on the way baby!!!

Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels

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 BE Brave, BE Bold, BE Fearless!!!!

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