Do You Believe in Miracles? w/Intuitive Soul Coach Tawnya Love

Day 30 of 365 Days of Mindfulness
By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 30th, 2017
Are you a believer in Miracles? Have you ever experienced something truly Miraculous? Or do you feel Miracles aren’t real, don’t exist, or are not possible? You see your answer to these questions will be incredibly insightful into your level of consciousness. 

I’ve met so many humans that like to shun those who are believers. There are certainly no shortage of naysayers, doubters or skeptics in the world. And I’ve observed how these humans function in their day-to-day patterns and routines. One of the main things observed is how much Fear, doubt, and resistance rule their lives…And ohh, how they suffer.

Now on the other side of the spectrum I’ve observed the miracle makers, workers, receivers and givers of life. The true believers–they don’t just talk about miracles, they live miraculous lives. One of the main things observed is how much Love, faith, hope, belief and openness flows within their lives.
Here we can playfully create a couple ways of living. What’s fun is We get to choose which way we would like to live. We can spend our days in fear, anger, resistance, pain, giving and holding shame and consumed with doubt and worry. Or we can spend our days in Love, flowing with hope, faith, belief, optimism and openness. Two choices, and two very very different holographic realities.

(An Incredible book I highly encourage you to read)

I like to say holographic realities because that’s the closest, truthful way I can express the creations in our lives. We all live on one big Earth balancing in space, however we do not live in the same Reality as another. Your neighbors next door have their very own unique holographic reality, the people living across town have theirs, in fact several people living in the very same home can each be experiencing a very different holographic reality. 

So if we just for this moment focus on two different holographic realities (trust me I know there’s way more than two but for this moment two is what we shall focus on). 
Now, the one end of the spectrum there is hope, joy, faith, optimism:  Love RULES BABY!!! 

The other side of the spectrum is dominated by worry, paranoia, guilt, anger, pain, shame, blame, hatred:. Fear RULES over here Baby!!!

So we have to ask ourselves what we wish to experience, and what we wish to create for ourselves and for others. If we want more pain, anger, blame and shame you can bet your ass we will find ways to trigger others with Our choice of Fear. And we can get pretty sneaky with this, we can show up dressed in many costumes. We can show up as a husband, wife, mother, father, preacher, teacher, healer, bus driver…The costume isn’t the priority. Your choice of Vibrational Reality is the highest priority. What is Your Intention?

What we are choosing to Do in our lives isn’t as important as what we are choosing to BE in our Vibrational Reality…Does that make sense? 
If you choose to BE a mother that’s just a role you’re playing in the game of life. Now you must make the most important choice, do you choose to BE a trusting, Loving, faithful, optimistic mother focused upon living in the Alignment of Love? Or do you choose to BE a fearful, stressed out, worrisome, angry, resistant, closed off mother living full of Fear? The outcome with be very different.

Again, you can change up these roles all you like; Doctor of LOVE or Doctor of Fear, Artist of Love or Artist of Fear, Cab Driver of Love, Cab driver of Fear, Preacher of Love or you got it, Preacher of Fear…It’s How we are Being that matters most. Not what we are doing.

Now I am a total believer of the Miraculous. Ohh YESSSSS I AM. I have witnessed, observed, Co-Created, and experienced countless Miracles. They are Real!!! 

Now let me be even more honest, they are real for me, in my holographic reality. They are real for many others as well, in their holographic realities. And they can be real for each of you, within your holographic reality. But only if you are open! It’s true… Miracles can only come to you, and through you if You are open and receptive!
This is important because so many that choose to be naysayers, doubters, and constant worriers are simply not open to receiving miracles. Miracles could be all around you and if you’re closed off they will pass you by again and again.

Why do I take time each and every day to share the wisdom that’s flowing within my heart and soul? For one, because I truly enjoy it and because I have a heart filled with Love, happiness, faith, trust and optimism for All of You. In my heart of hearts I want every living being to thrive, to blossom, to succeed and to BE as full of Love and Light and Joy as I allow myself to BE. 
I have faith in us as a species, I have Unshakable trust in the vastness and Infinite generosity of Source, and I have Infinite amounts of Unconditional Love for All life. I KNOW MIRACLES ARE ABSOLUTELY REAL!!!!

I know it, and I channel, I write and I share from my heart as to inspire hope, faith, trust and Unconditional Love within each of You. So that You may choose the path of Love rather than Fear, so that You may also inspire countless other humans to choose the path of Love over Fear…So that one by one We will each play in a multitude of earthly costumes and roles Filled with Love, Gratitude, Joy, Faith and Living in Divine Surrendered Trust!

The path of Love is Our highest Calling and Divine Destiny…No need to follow me here, simply walk beside me there is plenty of room.
Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love & the Angels

Thank You for sharing our Divinely Inspired Messages of Love 💖

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