Are You Playing it Safe w/Tawnya Love

Day 31 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

January 31st, 2017

There comes a moment for every one of us where the Soul is ready for expansion, where the day-to-day routines and habits are no longer going to cut it. The soul wants expansion, freedom and liberation. It is no longer feeling Aligned to play it safe. This moment can arise within anyone of us at any given moment.

For many humans, the habit and conditioning of “Playing it Safe” is what we have been taught to do. It’s what we’re told being a responsible adult looks like. Hate your job? It’s okay, just stay there for 15 more years until you reach retirement…Be responsible, stay.

Have nothing but drama in your marriage, maybe even some occasional abuse? Just work it out, just stay 20 more years like a good lil wife or husband…Be responsible, stay in your pattern of safety and familiarity. Sound about right? 

Many of us are taught this, we’re taught that walking away is irresponsible, rude and immature. And yet, I observe how many humans suffer constantly as they keep doing what they have been told; as they stay stuck in jobs they can’t stand, as they grow more exhausted and bitter by the minute, as they stay and argue and fight. Who exactly said that living in such a way was responsible? From my perspective, it’s insanity. Period!

Now don’t get me wrong, many relationships can be worked on, healed and brought back into balance. However, there are times when the soul says, “Enough is Enough, I’m Done with this! I am ready for positive change!” We can ignore the voice of our soul in so many ways, and many humans have become very skilled at ignoring their inner voices. Society even celebrates ways to help us go numb…”Here, you deserve a break today, have a cold alcoholic beverage, forget about the pain!” We can go to Doctors and get pharmaceutical drugs to numb out, or get some off the streets. We can work ourselves to death by over-commiting and staying busy, busy, busy to numb out. Or there’s always the late night refrigerator raid of tasty treats to stuff away our pain. So many choices…Orrr we could take a breath, connect with our Beautiful Soul, start Listening to what it needs the most and honor those needs, starting right Now!

We will never find ourselves “out there;” no other human can tell you who you are or what your soul needs the most. Others can get a sense of your needs, but only You truly know what you need. If we are not careful, we can spend a lifetime living for other people, doing what “They” say we need to do, whoever “They” are at the time. I truly feel our souls will tolerate this for a time, but eventually, your soul is going to want to break out of the self-inhibiting prison you have created. 

True joy, health and happiness arise from honoring not only our bodies and minds, but by also honoring our Soul. If we’re doing a job we feel conflicted with at a soul level, we will never succeed on that path. If we are treating our bodies terribly, the soul is going to want out!
We live in a world where addiction, pain, and suffering have become the Norm, where putting ourselves into tiny, tight, uncomfortable boxes is normal, and even called Responsible. I completely disagree with this perspective. We have Choices, people! We don’t have to stuff down pain, we can release it! We don’t have to numb out, we can move out! Suffering truly is optional.

So many of us “play it safe” in so many ways, but we have the capacity to Soar! Our soul will never stop reminding us of this truth. And so the longer we sit in fear, the longer we procrastinate what our soul truly wants to become, the louder the soul will get, and the more intense the pain will become. It doesn’t have to get this serious, my friends. You can choose to take a new step today. Even just one new aligned change creates forward movement and expansion. One small courageous step a day can positively turn a life around.

What I’ve observed is that when I listen to and honor my soul’s desire for expansion, when I believe in miracles and open myself to receive them, they show up…Every time! Magic happens within myself, then all around me, and synchronicities begin to occur. But before all that magic can occur, I have to open myself up to it, look for it, follow it, allow it, channel it and receive it. So much of the beauty that has unfolded in my life showed up after I walked out of a relationship, a career, or a misaligned partnership. 

I had to have the courage to discern that something didn’t FEEL right for me, and I had to care about that feeling. It had to be enough to nudge me to look for another path. And I do now. I’m constantly open to Divine Guidance, constantly allowing spirit to lead and nudge me, to inspire me. 

Many humans that I used to hang out with, back when my soul was an inmate, called me Crazy. They liked calling me crazy. Every time I was feeling Inspired or courageous, every time I believed in myself and started to feel it was time to move in a new direction- BOOM, you guessed it, those sneaky prison guards, often disguised as family or friends or coworkers, would show up and call me Crazy.

I started to observe this pattern, and I gave the prison guards a name. they were the Gate Keepers. They were the many reflections of my darkest shadowy parts of self, coming forward to stop me in my tracks, to fill me with doubt and fear, to hold me in this Self-Created prison another day. Once I understood this clearly, they held No power over me, though they would try to convince me they did. Suddenly, the only thing that was crazy was to remain in such bondage another moment. Freedom was All my soul called for, and freedom is what I now live!

From my own journey and experiences, I see that it takes a great deal of courage to walk away from routine, pattern or expectation and flow in the waters of uncertainty. We convince ourselves that this pattern, this routine, is safety. And yet the truth is: It’s not safety, it’s enslavement. Allowing our souls freedom to explore and experience is what they are all against. The whole purpose we are on this Earth in a physical form is so we can experience life. We’re not here to play it safe and stay in ANY spaces that feel off. We are not here to be abused, ignored, shamed or tormented. And yet, that’s what many humans will experience, again and again, in their self-created prisons, day in and day out.

I Am the voice of courage, the voice of the truth, freedom and liberation that has arrived to reach You today. Yes, You! Your Soul sent for me, your soul is ready for You to BE True to You! Your soul is ready for Unconditional Love, Abundance, Beauty, Joy and Freedom. There are treasures awaiting You that You will only ever discover when you break free of the prison you’ve convinced yourself is your safety. The gate is open. The Next Step is up to You.

Take a few calm, centering breaths. Allow your mind to become still and present. Clear each thought with your exhale, draw in fresh awareness with each inhale. Now, connect with Your higher self–the soul that you are that is in Oneness with Source God. Ask this question: in what areas am I playing it safe? In what areas am I convincing myself that I am stuck or trapped? Pay attention to every Intuitive thought that arises, and honor it. Maybe even jot it down in your journal. Now, ask your soul: What are You ready for? What is your Highest Joy and Purpose? Listen, write it all down.

Now, take out a sheet of paper and jot down a list of simple small steps or large quantum leaps you can take right now, Today! Now get that energy moving and take your first step, or if your feeling frisky, take a big leap. Your soul has amazing gifts in store for you, so get moving and believe in Yourself! Believe in all the Miracles ready to align with You! Allow it All in, and get into life’s flow again! Ahhhhh yeah, Sweet Surrender πŸ’–

Infinite Blessings, Tawnya Love & the Angels

Ready to Shake up Your life in a great way? Contact Tawnya Love and purchase a 5 or 10 Pack of Soul Coaching Sessions to jump start your New life of Freedom, Courage and Expansion!!! Tawnya Love can guide and Inspire You, You must show up and do Your work. Miracles await You!!! 

Thank You for Your Love & Support in Sharing Our Divinely Inspired Messages. Om Shanti Om πŸ’–

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