Be Prepared to Be Surprised w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

    (Gorgeous view with my Beloved on our walk along the bay together…So Grateful)

Day 42 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 12th, 2017

Today as I flow and play with my Beloved I am reminded of all the Beautiful gifts life has in store for us when we are present. Every Beautiful moment I’ve immensely enjoyed this weekend came as a delightful surprise. I did not have anything planned, no expectations, no agenda. And yet I’ve had the time of my life!

So often we as humans find ourselves focused upon struggle, pain and a sense of dis-ease as we attempt to dictate, control and manipulate life’s sacred flow. All I can do is live a life of joyous playful flow and hope that those of you that are ready will SEE what I SEE. Ohh if only I  could wave a Magical wand and wake up every human being to SEE and understand. But I realize that is not mine to control. So as always I shall joyously mirror freedom, joy and surrendered trust to any and all who are open to receive.

(Beautiful sunset at our suprise destination today as we enjoyed a nice long walk immersed in Mother Nature’s Beauty)

My heartfelt advice, be prepared to be surprised in life. Express Your heartfelt gratitude more often, complain less, Say Thank You more and mean it! So many humans suffer from a case of misaligned focal point syndrome. They are so conditioned to look at what’s wrong that they become blind to what’s flowing, beautiful and worth celebrating with a heart full of gratitude.


Take time today and every day to genuinely thank those in your life that show you Love, honor and appreciation. Look for the miraculous, look for the gift of every sacred Moment. Celebrate that goodness, say Thank You to the trees, the sky, the sea, your loved ones. Don’t keep your joy imprisoned within yourself another day. Scream your Love and Gratitude from the rooftops, the treetops or your kitchen counter. Just let that Love flow outwardly!!!

This moment is filled with Sacred gifts; today open your eyes to SEE. Namaste and Waves of Love to You All this and Every Day! I Love You INFINITELY 💖 Tawnya Love & the Angels

Thank You for Sharing the Love Every Day there is No shortage 💖 I AM SOOOOO FREAKING GRATEFUL for YOU!!!! And I Am beyond words grateful for my Beloved William 💖

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