Open Yourself to Receive w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 43 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 13th, 2017

Today is a Brand New Sacred Day, this moment is fresh, new, and filled with Divine potential. Every moment is sacred, every moment offers us a New opportunity to either thrive, or merely survive. So many humans have been exposed to those who have suffered, are lost, and who often project these emotions upon us. We are taught to fear, we are taught to complain, taught to hate, taught that there is not enough.

And yet we each are given an opportunity to rebirth ourselves with every sacred New Moment. Each moment offers us the chance to open ourselves to receive, to look for the goodness, to open up to Abundance. We live in an abundant Universe, however we do not Not live in the same world. Share the same planet, yes…Live in the same Reality No.

Everyone of us are co-creating with Source God in every Divine Moment. Some are still repeating “old” scripts with their chosen thoughts of lack, suffering, survival, and fear dominating their world. Therefore, their Reality must be filled with fear, lack, suffering and a feeling of trying to survive. There is also another way to live, a multitude of ways in fact. Today is Your day to re-write your script; don’t like the parts your human character has been playing for so many years? Then it’s time, my friend to re-write them!

You see when we are aware of our Source God Oneness, we realize WE Are creators. Now we can either continue playing the unconscious roles, or we can invite Consciousness. We can Powerfully choose our next thoughts that will begin to shift our lives, shift the experience our human character has been playing. We can think about and speak about lack, fear, hate and sickness and that is what we will get back again and again.
Or…We can choose higher thoughts Now. Abundant, Miraculous, Expansive, Empowering thoughts that are Now creating a New Holographic Reality. Forget about trying to “Save the World”, your true work and power lies in the here and now as you Powerfully shift your own thoughts and belief systems.

Imagine a world where each individual is consciously choosing Loving, Expansive, Empowering and Abundant thoughts…Just Imagine!!!
That is your practice for today…Use Your Imagination as your powerful tool of Manifestation. If you catch “old” familiar, fearful, limiting thoughts creeping in, celebrate that–your’re aware, you’re awake, and this awareness is the blossoming of Consciousness. Be gentle with yourself as you play and imagine yourself into “A Whole New World!!!” (Song from Aladdin playing in my Consciousness)

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

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Thank You for Sharing this Divinely Inspired Message šŸ’–

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