You’ve Got The Power w Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 45 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 15th, 2017

Remember that 80’s song, I think it was by a singer called Snap! Well, as I channel and receive this Divine message as usual, my spirit guides have a sense of humor as they play with me. I remember this song so deeply, as I just Loved the ultimate Message: “I’ve got the power!” Such Divine Truth delivered in such a playful way! It’s probably why I can still remember it so strongly.

You see, the truth is that in every given moment we hold the Divine potential to allow such Divine Power to flow through us, through our chosen thoughts, our chosen words we express like powerful spells -be they joyous or defeating – and through our chosen actions – be they Empowering or Enslaving. WE are the Divine Sacred Containers through which Source energy flows. There is Nothing small or weak or insignificant about us, no way! Far from it…We are Divine, Magnificent Eternally Blossoming and Expanding Consciousness, Baby!!!

As we Get Outta the Way, we allow Divine Source energy to do what it does best: flow through. No need to control, constrict, pinch off or withhold this Abundant,Sacred Source Energy- there is an INFINITE supply, so vast that our little computer-like brains cannot even fathom just what Infinite means. We do our best, however, the key to a joyous and expansive life is to simply Allow the Divine to flow.

As humans, we like to lose ourselves from time to time in an Egoic space of identification with our brains and the information we can hold within them. We may Identify with the people we attach ourselves to, or those who attach themselves to us. We may Identify with our physical bodies as we obsessively work on making them the way WE think they need to be to be enough, rather than Loving them as they are.

None of this “old” behavior is going work for us any longer,  as we surrender into a space of Divine trust, as We let go and allow Divine Flow. The “old” way felt a lot like a human trying to hold back the flow of the ocean. This poor, struggling human digging in their heels, arms outstretched, bearing down in anticipation of that next wave just ready to destroy them. And this human may stay in this position for a very long time, being dragged, beaten into the reef, grasping for air as the waves pound them into submission over and over. One could even begin to FEEL that this is a Normal way to be. There is Nothing Powerful about this approach to living- it’s abusive and destructive, yes, but empowering? No!

And like every Sacred Soul, a day arrives where this exhausted and beaten down human lets go. A Divine Moment of surrendered trust arrives as this human relaxs, trusts, and allows Divine Flow. I recently went to see the film “Doctor Strange” with my beloved family. I loved what a great job the writers did showing the stubbornness of the human Ego. They showed how much suffering is sometimes required before a human chooses to let go. Doctor Strange, a man with so much intelligence, so much perceived power and wealth, has to hit rock bottom in order to truly become free, liberated, and enlightened.

Every human soul will have their journey. 

For some there will be great suffering, for others the wisdom may be consciously choosen, and for others the Universe may have to bring a human to their knees before that soul can be liberated. All of it is Sacred and Divine. Know this: if you have enough Consciousness to be here in this Divine Moment to receive this message, then You have the awareness to re-create Your life, to release the “old” program of Egoic suffering, and to choose to move on with greater awareness from this moment forwarf. You Hold the Absolute power in every Sacred moment, The Power to Choose!

It is my hope, my dream, and my joy for each and every one of you to choose Freedom and Liberation Now! I have committed my life to serving, supporting and assisting beautiful deserving humans and animals in reclaiming their Divinity, in breaking free from Egoic Enslavement and Suffering. There is a higher, more joyous and liberating way! Allow me and my soul team to assist you. Be gentle with yourselves, have faith that the Divine isn’t finished with you yet. Not even close!

How May I Serve and Support You in your return to Love? 

Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

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