Love Transcends All pain w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 46 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 16th, 2017

Being a human can have its challenging moments, moments where one can get lost in the dark emotions of judgment, shame and fear. Moments when a human may be so focused upon the illusion of fear that fear is all that seems real. The truth however is that pain, shame, judgment and fear are all an illusion…A very convincing illusion at times, but an illusion just the same.
Now the first step in breaking oneself out of illusion is to first recognize you’re moving thru an illusion. One cannot break free if one will not recognize they are operating in an illusory state. Your Powerful pixie-dust for all fearful illusions is and will always be LOVE. And because it’s so simple and easy, so many humans caught up in the Egoic illusion refuse to access this power. LOVE is the dissolver of the illusion.

My family and I recently were watching the movie Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. There is a moment when all these characters are shaming Alice, telling her she’s “the wrong Alice!”. Finally, after hearing this several times Alice cuts in and states a very insightful comment, “How can I be the wrong Alice in my own dream?”. What I Love about this very powerful moment in Alice’s life is that she recognizes first of all…I’m in a dream. Secondly she realizes, “Hey you can’t shame me, you can’t tell me I’m not the right Alice, it’s My dream!” She takes her power back. Go Alice!
Think for a moment of any time you have felt judged by another, felt or heard their judgments cast upon you, felt the pain and the shame. Now what if the next time a situation like this arose you could realize, You’re in a dream, it’s an illusion…And what if you remember, “Hey how can I not be the right Me in my own dream?” Then move forward with your power, with Love.

Something amazing will shift for you, you will be awakening in your dream. The Lucid Dream Walker in Shamanic terms. The Awakened One! Once you choose to awaken, you choose to realize you’re in a dream and remember that it’s YOUR DREAM!!!! Ohh life really gets playful and fun!
If you’re reading this and you’re suffering in Any way, recognize it’s an illusion. Don’t get lost in the FEELING of pain–experience it, feel it, learn from it, release it. However, you do Not need to identify with it…The pain is Not who You are. Next allow yourself to BE at the Center of your own dream. This is symbolic of choosing our Alignment with Source, our Oneness stance. We recognize WE Are the Center of our own creation.

Now some of you may instantly have a problem with this truth. Your Ego may be saying right now, “No way, I’m not the center of the Universe!” I remember my mom yelling at me, “Who do you think you are, The center of the Universe?” And you recall the shame you felt, and that rising feeling of pain. Or maybe it was a grandparent, your 2nd grade teacher, dad, or the bus driver. Doesn’t truly matter who told you, just know they lied to you. They maybe didn’t intentionally lie to you, they may have truly just forgotten themselves the truth and then they projected that confusion, pain and shame on you…If you let them.

The truth is, You Are the Center of Your own Universe. You Are the Center of Your own Creation. And ohh baby the powerful changes you’ll make once you remember this truth. Now this is not about narcissism. This is about spiritual Alignment with Source. When you are the Awakened Dream Walker, you will make very different choices. You will become fearless, no person, place or situation will be able to contain you, or enslave you. The first prison any of us will ever visit will be the prison of your own minds, your own imaginary fears.
Now as we realize we are co-creating in an illusory world, and that we are the Center of our own Creations we will stop buying into projected fears from within and without. We will stop shaming ourselves in any way and gloriously we will have no need or desire to shame anyone else either. Only fear chooses that. Love dissolves judgment, Love dissolves fear. DISSOLVES IT!!!

So from this moment forward remember, “I’m in a dream, I AM choosing to BE AWAKE in My own dream, And I AM the Center of my own dream.” With this kind of Alignment Nothing can harm you, hurt you, enslave you nor seduce you. But here’s the key…You must stay true to You! This is the complete Alignment with Source through Self Love. Fear cannot enter where Love dwells, We choose. We either are focused and centered in Love, or we are focused and centered in Fear. Huge contrasting difference in Manifestations experienced so be mindful.
Allow all your choices from this moment forward to be centered upon Love and everything else will take care of itself. Celebrate your life, regardless of if anyone else chooses to celebrate You in Your own dream. Who are they to judge anyhow? It’s your dream baby now live like it!

Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels

Sweet Joyous Manifesting Beautiful Soul Family

Thank You for Sharing this Divinely Inspired Message and join us in spreading Love, Light and Wisdom Globally because it’s so Awesome!!!! 💗

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