The Power of Honoring our Intuition w Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 47 of 365 days of mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 17th, 2017

For many years of my life, I have received Intuitive guidance, and for many years of my life, I was  trained and conditioned to ignore what I knew, to ignore what I felt intuitively. For many humans, life can seem harsh and unfair at times, especially if we’ve allowed others to condition us away from our own inner wisdom. Great suffering is created by humans who have numbed themselves away from their Source Oneness, and these very unconscious humans, in time, will project their unconsciousness and pain upon others.

So, how do We heal a hurting world, you may ask? How do We regain our balance, our wisdom and Oneness? I will gladly share the solution: We shall heal ourselves first and foremost by returning to Our center of Source Oneness, by Listening to and Honoring our Intuitive guidance. We cannot change Anything “out there” until we’ve realigned “in here,” Period! 

Attempting to control external situations and conditions is an exhausting distraction when we fail to find our inner alignment first. This is why my soul has such a passion in sharing the gifts of Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga, and in Assisting so many souls on this Beautiful Earth with Angelic Auric Clearing Sessions. Because I SEE the bigger picture, my soul understands and is incredibly sensitive and gifted in reconnecting the human body, mind and soul. What is my secret? I’m an excellent listener and observer.

For those years that I cared more about pleasing others than I cared about Honoring my own intuition, I suffered greatly, and even got myself into some pretty dangerous situations. Thank the heavens for my Angelic Protectors who were always with me nudging me, warning me, guiding me and Supporting me in my own return to authenticity. My angelic team, aka my Soul Team, have always been with me, assisting and guiding me out of danger, out of traumatic situations, and they helped me remember why I chose to come to this planet. They helped me remember my unique and powerful healing gifts so I could share this wisdom and healing energy with everyone who is ready to live in a more empowering, aligned way.

Choosing to listen and honor my intuition and the wisdom shared from my Soul Team has made ALL the Difference!!! I now enjoy a beautiful life that is fulfilling, abundant, joyous, and expansive. I now enjoy listening to my Intuitive guidance. I honor what I know I know, regardless of what others tell me to believe. I have a keen gift of sensing when something is “off” or what spirit explains to me as “out of alignment”. And anything that is being created from fear is “out of alignment”, because when we create from a space of fear, WE have lost our inner alignment with the Source within. A very easy way of noticing if there is room for positive shift is to observe this simple question: “Am I choosing this choice from a space of Love or Fear?”, Or “Is this person choosing from a space of Love or Fear?”. It’s truly that simple.

When any soul loses their inner connection with Source Oneness, they will choose unconsciously because they are, in essence, relating to Fear rather than Love. Look at the state of a human’s health for example. A very unhealthy human constantly makes their choices from a space of fear. As this human disrespects their very body and mind and forgets about their soul, they will begin creating unconsciously in every way. You may see them throwing trash out their car windows with little regard for who will now have to clean up their mess, or you may observe them throwing burning cigarettes onto the ground with no regard to the dangers this could create for others. 

On a larger scale, we see a collective group of unconscious humans justifying their rights to kill innocent animals, plant life and other humans they deem as less than them. Observe history- in fact, observe the world news right now, and you’ll see this unconscious behavior sweeping the planet. You’ll observe groups of hurting, hateful, unconscious humans creating more fear and seperation…And why? Because they themselves are operating from a space of fear and seperation within, and nothing can positively shift “Out There” until WE have the Consciousness, Awareness and Desire to do Our inner work and choose Love within.

Many may be afraid of where to begin, and so fear keeps them distracted, and they continue to live out unconscious behaviors because, once again, Fear is their focal point. Shift that focal point to Love, and things start to become very exciting! Positive movement occurs, we feel peaceful within, we create healing for ourselves and for Every life we interact with. Only Love can create this! 

It is Time, my friends, to Do Our inner work. Not tomorrow, not a month from now when we think things will settle down, not next year, TODAY!! NOW is the time to choose Love! Love is here right Now, just waiting to come in, and Love Will shift our world into a space of Peace, Balance and Harmony. Love, and nothing more.
So if you truly desire a healthier planet, healthier community, healthier relationships and a healthier body, mind and spirit…Then you must Love You Now! 100% acceptance of self, forgiveness of all the unconscious choices You’ve ever made, forgiveness of all the unconscious choices others have ever made. And from here on, our Unshakable focus shall remain centered upon LOVE! Here, We invite Consciousness and Intelligence to lead us.

If you’re being guided here to read this, you’re ready to evolve, heal and transform your life with Love. If you have the inner awareness that you need some spiritual mentoring and help, then view my services and contact me Today to begin your journey of Inner Transformation

 (Which just so happens to be my Source God given talent).

Thank You for Choosing Love, the health of our planet is counting on You! Thank You for Sharing this Divinely Inspired Message.
Blessings and Namaste, Tawnya Love & the Angels 

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