Time for Beingness w/Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 48 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

February 19, 2017

Such a truthful statement, “All that triggers separation is Not from Source. Stand in the Center of your Beingness.” It is a simple choice to observe how you are feeling right now in this moment. Just noticing if you feel uneasy, anxious or any feeling of disease is a helpful sign that you have momentarily lost your alignment with the Source within. The Source within and without is eternal so it can never truly be lost. However, we can turn from this alignment, we can convince ourselves that we are seperate or lost and we begin to suffer.
As the Angels and Source Consciousness have expressed through me many times, suffering IS optional, and Not necessary once we understand the truth of alignment. Once we have allowed Consciousness to enter our awareness, everything changes. Choosing to allow Consciousness to enter is key. How does one allow Consciousness to enter? Through our Beingness; through stillness one quiets the mental noise and becomes receptive, open and present. It is in this Sacred space of stillness that we remember WE Are ONE with Source God! Remember the scripture, Be Still and Know that I AM God? This is exactly what that scripture was guiding us towards. Our own Beingness.

We are most “ourselves” when we are in our Source Oneness Through Beingness. When we enjoy a Stillness Meditation, we allow space, we allow the mind permission to be in silence. We allow ourselves to fully allow our Oneness with Source God Consciousness. One can receive amazing healing, insight, awareness, instant knowingness, a return to ease and peace–all gifts that arise in our Beingness. These gifts cannot emerge from “Making” them happen, rather through Beingness we “Allow” them to arise.

To our busy, fearful, anxious Egoic minds, stillness may at first seem “boring” and uninteresting as the busy mind wants distraction, action, and entertainment constantly. And yet we may begin to observe how “uneasy”, anxious, stressed out, and fearful we feel when we allow the tool that is our mind to run us, rather than us accessing the tool of the mind consciously. 

When we embody Beingness we “allow” Love to flow through all we are, all we connect with, all we do is greatly benefited Through our Conscious Beingness. Many humans are in a constant state of “doing” and we can manipulate life and force our way, make our bodies do what our egoic mind says they must. Yet there is nothing enjoyable about this approach to life. And there are consequences to a life of force:  dis-ease and tension. Science has discovered that most illnesses or diseases are caused by constant stress or dis-ease, this choice of living in a state of dis-ease has been proven to manifest physical Disease. So in essence your very health, happiness, joy and well-being are sacrificed in a life led by Ego. 

If we think that sacrifice doesn’t matter, that all that matters is making money or attaining some external goal just observe any wealthy human that is sick and dying. Observe if all that money means anything in the end. 

Truly no one can teach you the power and importance of choosing a life of Beingness. This wisdom can only be experienced and felt through your own awareness and practice. I can tell you that for myself this choice has made All the difference in my joy, peace, abundance, health and happiness. Now it is up to You to choose. I do encourage You to choose wisely.

May You truly enjoy this Sacred Now Moment to the fullest. Blessings Tawnya Love & the Angels

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