Choosing to Focus upon Gratitude with Intuitive Healer Tawnya Love

Day 64 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

May, 2nd 2017 

Just before falling asleep I focus upon anything and everything I Am Grateful for. This is Incredibly Empowering as I slip into sleep state. Then, as soon as I awaken in the morning I process any Spiritual messages or insights that I allowed myself to tap into during dreamtime. I then ask myself, “What do you need today?” I listen and honor whatever arises. Then I ask, “How may I Serve and Support Humanity this day?” Again I listen and then move into this New Day Open, Receptive and Aware…it’s a choice!

I share this from a space of Love to encourage any whom are open and receptive to reclaiming their powers of creation. These simple shifts begin to create momentum energetically. Our thoughts literally begin to shapeshift our material world and ever shifting reality.

Therefore we either consciously focus upon gratitude, positive thoughts, feelings and emotions and care about feeling good. Or we unconsciously focus upon lack, fear, anger, pain, and shame as we create powerful momentum energetically in Not Feeling good. We must become aware that at some level our Ego loves to create suffering. Suffering for ourselves and Suffering for others. Only Through awareness and Love and Consciousness are we able to turn our lives around. It is the very thoughts We choose day in and day out that are birthing our future. So choose those seeds consciously and you will cultivate a most Beautiful Abundant Magical Garden! 


It all comes down to this, Are You ready to care about You? Are You ready to care about your own needs? Are You ready to heal All the pain and burden of past that You are still carrying? You Absolutely have the power to change your life around. I know because I’ve done it, I am doing it, we’re all doing it Everyday! 
Believe me, if I can change my life (and ohh baby, I have in Amazing ways) then You too have the power and Divine right to create a Happy, Joyous, Beautiful, Fulfilling, Rich, Peaceful, Loving, Abundant Life!!! You ARE the Creator of Your Ever Shifting Holographic Reality for better or worse, You’re driving the Horse. 

Recently, I was supporting a human I deeply Love. This person was really struggling with themselves, their thoughts seemed to control them rather than this human feeling in Control of their thoughts they felt enslaved by their own thoughts. Spirit suddenly brought me a powerful symbol to help this person SEE clearly. 

I have an amazing dog Honey Girl. Our souls were brought together on the island of Maui Hawaii and it was instant knowingness. I rescued her and saw visions immediately of the abuse she had endured in her short life. I adopted her and brought her to her New Pacific Northwest home and have Supported her Healing from that moment. Now, every now and then Honey Girl will be laying on her bed completely at peace. When suddenly our roommates come walking up the stairs. She suddenly jumps into the air, full intensity on high alert barking and hair standing straight up on her back. 

This can be very disruptive if one is sleeping or in Meditation. And we humans will console her and sometimes have to yell “Honey Girl, it’s Okay!” She may glance at us for a second and then back to Intense loud barking. This goes on for several moments until finally she takes a deep breath, does a little shake and lays back down. 

Now I know that Honey was abused by a Male human in her past, I have compassion and a deep understanding of what’s going on within her at these moments. I continue to work with her to help her clear that cellular memory of trauma. And she’ll completely clear it when she is ready. 

I mention her story because this is the image Spirit brought to mind to help this human I care about to heal their past trauma. Spirit helped me to understand that our Ego is like the fearful, high alert dog that is forever barking. To the Ego something terrible “May happen” so Ego is always on the defense, never trusting, never at ease or at peace. Like a frantic barking dog it flails about, spitting and stressing itself and those around it out. Now as an observer one can see that All is well, everything is fine there’s just another human walking by. But to Ego…it’s a different story.

What I know for sure is that we either allow ourselves to remain trapped as the fearful barking dog Ego, or We choose to observe that barking dog within us and choose to focus on that deep well of Peace, Ease, Joy, Abundance and Wisdom that is forever Available within us. We and We alone are able to truly calm our inner barking dogs, not through shame or blame but through our Awareness and our Observation that there is this fearful, defensive barking dog inside, isn’t that interesting? 

Our first step to freedom is to realize we’ve been trapped within by our fear, our pain, and shame. Then we can calm that inner dog through our Love, Through our choices of positive Loving thoughts. We either lose ourselves to the barking dogs Within or we connect with them through Love. It is Love and Awareness that will set us Free. In truth, we have always been Free we just haven’t allowed ourselves to SEE this clearly. 

Our practice:  For today if painful hurtful thoughts arise connect with them, observe them from a place of curiosity. Maybe even ask, “Where did you come from? Who gave you this thought that you are not good enough? Be curious and observe. Be mindful that You do not get lost in these thoughts, just watch them, feel them and know that through your awareness and Love, You Are Clearing them. As a low Vibrational thought flows in, something like “Why bother? I’m not good enough, I’ll never be good enough!” Observe that thought, now chose a higher Vibrational thought, something like “I AM Good! I AM Enough! I AM Worthy! I AM One with Life, I AM Fully Supported by Life! I AM Loved! Allow these New thoughts to flow for several moments. 

What’s Amazing is as you’re catching these “old” painful Enslaving thoughts and consciously choosing to replace them with Higher Vibrational thoughts You Are Changing Your Life, Your Vibrational Reality and soon You Will Observe shifts in Your Physical Material Reality.

This same truth applies to unconscious thought patterns, these lower Vibrational thoughts held within us long enough start to create a shift in our Physical Material Reality as well. Hold that pain, hate and resentment long enough and you create loss and sickness and suffering in Your External Physical Material Reality. We Are the creators of our experience and that creation as in all creations begins with a seed or nucleus, Our choosen thoughts, feelings and emotions Create our inner and soon after Outer Reality. 

Be Peaceful, Playful and Present and Choose Your Thoughts Wisely! No other can choose our thoughts, only WE can do that. So choose Higher and Higher each moment, have fun with it and observe just how truly Powerful Deserving and Magnificent You Are. 🦋

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels 💖 

🦋 Need some Soul Coaching Support? A caring compassionate Mentor and Life Coach? How May I Serve and Support Your Healing and Evolution? 🦋 Supporting Souls with deep energetic activation and evolution is my Super Power!!! 

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