Choosing The Magical over the Mundane with Intuitive Wayshower Tawnya Love

Day 65 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

May 6th, 2017

As many of you who Follow my Mindfulness Blog know, I recently left a stable and predictable job teaching Yoga. In my heart, I realize I live my Yoga and will continue teaching Yoga all my life through my aligned example on and off the mat. Where and how I teach has become Incredibly Important to my own soul’s joy and Alignment. A huge lesson I have taken from this situation is to Never again settle or compromise. As humans, we are often taught throughout our lives that we must compromise to work with others. And for a time I participated in that misaligned game. No more!

I Now see with complete clarity that when we compromise our own Highest values we lose valuable life force, our energy is depleted, and our body mind and soul suffer. When we compromise who we truly are to dim our Divine Light in order to make others comfortable, we lose! We deny our very genius. The very reason we have incarnated in these human meat suits is to share with humanity OUR unique gifts and genius! Why would we ever want to deny ourselves and humanity such a Sacred Gift?

I realize that we choose every moment to walk the path of the Mundane predictable routine OR to walk the path of the Magical​ and Mysterious. We cannot walk both paths at the same time, we must choose one or the other. 

I realize that many humans surrounding me are choosing the predictable, the Mundane. And I see that so often these humans project their limitations, belief systems and fears toward me with a great pressure to join them on their mundane path, or else. 

I choose the Mysterious and Magical! For my soul it is the highest path and it is beautiful and Sacred and fresh and New. It is my true path, the path where I allow rather than control life’s perfect flow to move through me and guide me. I choose Surrendered Trust, I choose Joy regardless of how hurtful humans choose to be. I choose Love, I choose forgiveness, I choose to float effortlessly in Eternal Gratitude and awe.

It’s amazing to me to sit here in this fresh Sacred Now and to realize that for a time I had for some reason chosen the Mundane and predictable. For some reason I had given away my power, for some reason I had began to feel the effects of losing my authentic Voice. And for some mysterious reason my Higher Self grabbed my attention and we Ascended Higher. For some reason we could stay no longer amoung such unconsciousness. Letting go, Rising, Trusting, and Playfully Creating was the only way! 

For some you will continue to lie to yourselves hoping desperately for something positive to come from your unconsciousness, hoping it will get better. And it will! When You choose the Mysterious and Magical. For others You will open your eyes and choose to SEE. Choose to SEE that you are already FREE…You Always have been. And for some You are already here with me joyously playing trusting and ascending in the great Magical Mystery!!!


For every hurting human that pushed on me, withheld Love, Kindness and Honor…Thank You!

Namaste, Tawnya Love and the Angels 💖



  1. Lori Williams · May 9, 2017

    Beautifully said!! However, this feels like it is speaking directly to me Sis….
    I have for sometime been feeling like I’m on a Teeter-Totter. I have tried to figure out how I am to suddenly to change careers when I am deeply embedded with owning a company for 17 years with my husband whom counts on me. We are both the backbone of our company and it requires both of our participation. It’s sad, really, because if one of us leaves then it will fall. I have wrestled with my direction and I have completely left it in the hands of God. I am patient but it gets old. I really love your posting. Thank you!!

    • Tawnya Angel · May 9, 2017

      Thank You Lori! Many blessings to you sweet soul sister as you listen, feel and discern your choices. Living​ in Surrendered Trust is so helpful. If you would ever like to schedule some Soul Coaching Sessions we can tune in deeply on this together. Sending you Love and Light to Illuminate your way!!! Infinite blessings 💖 Tawnya Love and the Angels

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