The Great Cosmic Joke w/Intuitive Healer/Observer Tawnya Love

Day 66 of 365 Days of Mindfulness

By Tawnya Love & the Angels

May 12th, 2017 

So many humans live their lives trapped by expectation and control. We are constantly fluctuating between desire and fear, constantly doing our best to control the uncontrollable–Life! Many humans suffer in these states of enslavement, perhaps not even realizing why they suffer. 

Often our desires and expectations become tied up with our minds’ ideas and projections, and ultimately we suffer, again and again. We continue to create in the lands of Illusion, and wonder why things aren’t going our way. The truth of the Matter – pun intended – is that we have never been in Control of life. The very effort we put forth into controling life is what leads to our inevitable suffering. 

When we live our lives seduced by expectation, it’s​ as if we’ve unconsciously given our power to something outside of us. And yet, as with all life lessons and situations, there is Always a gift awaiting us if we are open. The gift is Presence itself, our choice to BE Here Fully. Presence is Freedom and Liberation from the land of Illusion.

So many of us put off Choosing Presence. We convince ourselves that “One Day” we can choose that, but not now, not yet, not today. And so we continue on and on, distracting ourselves from our true Freedom…Uniting with the Now, Uniting with Life!

No one can make us understand this, or give us a plan in order for us to choose Presence. It simply arrives within. It’s always the Perfect Time to BE Present. It’s never too late to choose Presence, and once a human decides to enter this Sacred Now Moment, you’ll discover one of the most important secrets to Joy and Happiness.

Now having goals, desires, and expectations isn’t a bad thing. 

This is about our ability to trust and surrender to life’s flow, rather than feeling it is We who Control that flow. It’s all about our attitude, and how we deal with what is occurring in our lives. Each time we become identified with an expectation, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and, inevitably, suffering.

Often when we are Present, we may observe how when things didn’t go our way in the past, it was usually a blessing, not a punishment. I have observed that in life, we are clearly taught to succeed and to avoid failure. If we buy into this illusion, we become trapped by our very fears of either failure or success. The moment we identify with the game of success or failure, we’ve lost ourselves in the illusion of expectation.

It doesn’t really matter if our expectation is optimistic or pessimistic, when we hold expectation, we narrow the field of vision and close down the Infinite, limitless potential that is available for us in This Sacred Now Moment. We pinch off Life, and we suffer.

How can we be aware if we are being controlled by our expectations? Begin to observe how attached you are to the outcome. Notice if you are clinging to something, someone, an idea. Are you grasping at life, or are you Flowing with life’s flow? When we are grasping, we are allowing deeply rooted unconscious fears to guide our actions. We are fearing change. Life is, in essence, in a constant state of change and transformation. When we begin to fear life itself…we suffer.

When we attach, cling, and try to avoid change, we literally drain our own life force. Another way we create suffering is through our attempts to avoid disappointment. These humans are always bouncing from one place to the next in an attempt to avoid their own natural cycles. These humans are afraid of commitment, afraid to disappoint, and so they are constantly on the move. These humans also create their own cycles of Suffering, again and again. No matter how far they run, they still have the same lessons awaiting them. These humans suffer greatly within themselves, within their relationships, and within all physical manifestations. They are terrified to follow through, and come across as what we may refer to as flaky, unreliable, and irresponsible. 

Now, if we become Conscious and Choose to BE Present, we can allow ourselves to live in the freedom of detachment. Detachment doesn’t mean we do not care for ourselves or another, or that we do not FEEL our emotions. A human who is truly detached is able to FEEL and process their emotions deeply, because they are Not allowing themselves to hide within the illusions of their expectations. 

When we are truly detached, we process and FEEL every feeling deeply and consciously. With detachment comes a deep Surrendered Trust and Love for Life, a faith in life’s flow. The greater we allow ourselves to accept life, to accept ourselves and others, the more detached we become, and the simpler life is. We flow, we do not control.

When I work with many of my clients, Spirit has gifted me a vision of the great ocean. If we can imagine ourselves in that ocean, as One with that ocean and Surrender ourselves in trust, it will be like floating on our backs and allowing the flow of life to lift us, guide us, and direct us. However if we feel it is WE that must Control life, it is as if we are standing in the ocean, trying to Make the ocean go our way. We get slammed by those mighty waves, dragged to the reef, pushed to the depths while we fight, fight, and fight the current. This choice is obviously exhausting and painful. In the end, we will see that surrendered trust is the highest choice.

Just for this moment, will you allow yourself to let go, to trust and allow life to guide you? Have you suffered enough? Are you ready to be fully Present and allow life to share its Infinite Blessings and Gifts with You? 

Once we awaken, we clearly see what a joke it all is. We clearly see that life is a beautiful gift, as well as an illusion. We clearly see that our lives are Miraculous and Meaningless in the great cosmic comedy. We are then Free to Celebrate every Sacred Moment with complete Joy and Detachment. 🦋

Many Blessings, Tawnya Love and the Angels 💖

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Namaste 💞🙏💞

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